Putting the Ginger in Gingersnaps

A Latte of Love.

Our love affair with the ginger latte started at first sip - creamy, soothing and perfectly gingery - not to mention bursting with health benefits. This month since discovering this dreamy drink on ice it has literally been our everyday go to, offering a reprieve from the summer heat and a perfect drink for those not into cold brew or looking to limit caffeine intake.

So, what is a Ginger latte?

'Latte' in the traditional sense refers a beverage with steamed milk. Being dairy free, we are proud to serve homemade almond milk at Gingersnap's Organic - made from raw, organic, unpasteurized Italian almonds and made fresh daily. Our almond milk is free from added chemicals, refined sugars and other nasties found in boxed almond milk so widely used at other establishments. Put the above fresh almond milk to use at home, or choose either plain almond milk or our delicious vanilla almond milk sweetened only with coconut palm sugar then served with our cold-pressed organic Ginger (juiced daily in house) - and voila! The recipe for one Gingersnap's Ginger latte.

Ginger, a flowering plant originating from China, has a long history of being used in both traditional and alternative medicine to alleviate digestive problems, reduce nausea and fight the common cold to name but a few. ‘Gingerol', the main bioactive substance in fresh ginger, is responsible for much of its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This powerhouse is a true 'superfood' in every sense of the word! Top tip - ask us to add a little cinnamon for added flavor, Instagram-worthy prettiness and to ramp up health benefits!

So there you have it - the delicious, creamy and homemade 'heavenly' Ginger Latte (as described by several customers)! The only question that remains is whether you'll have yours steamed or over ice?