Going Bro with Nico Tortorella

Learning about our newest cleanse through the eyes of the "bro" who inspired it, plus July's discount code

One of the most exciting parts about this month has been the newest addition to our cleanses- we've teamed up with Younger's Nico Tortorella to create the [GO] Bro, a cleanse that proves that cleansing isn't always hyper-feminine (but... it is fun to joke). It consists of soups, smoothies, and homemade nut milk blends (including one of the most popular new smoothies from June, the Apple Pie Smoothie). We've asked Nico a few questions to help you get a better sense of just what this cleanse entails. In honor of the [Go] Bro, we're offering a special discount for the upcoming month: Use the code "goodvibesonly" online or in store for 10% off all cleanses booked for the month of July*!

Q: What is your favorite drink in the [GO] Bro?
A: My favorite drink was the apple pie smoothie with protein. Ain't nothin quite like an apple pie .

Q: How often do you cleanse?
A: I cleanse once every couple months, but wish I did it more.

Q: Did you work out while on the cleanse? If so, how did you find that?
A: With the go bro cleanse it's super easy to work out on it. There's enough substance and protein to get you through the day where you're not feeling starving by any means. I love ending the day warming up the red Soup, sprinkling some cayenne on top, and feeling all the good feels of cleansing.

“Bro, don't be an idiot, it's time to cleanse. Just go bro, bro.”

*Does not apply to shipping charges or custom cleanses. Cleanse must be booked in July 2016. No subsitutions or changes.