Talking Crystals + Moon Rituals + Tapping into your Intuition with Melissa Wood

Hi Friends,

Awhile back I asked you guys on Instagram, what you wanted me to do a video about, and the overwhelming answer was CRYSTALS!  I was lucky enough to sit down with one of my favorite people Melissa Wood and discuss all things crystals!

Because crystals are so powerful and I feel so connected to them, I could talk about them for hours.  The healing, the beauty, the inspiration I find from  that crystals has been something I resonated with since childhood, I could go on  I like to think of this as a sort of beginning guide to crystals - there’s something in it for everyone.

We discuss: 

•   My few different types of crystals
•   Different ways of clearing crystals:
•   How to pick out and set intentions with your crystals
•   Why it’s so important to have no fear around crystals
•   Palo santo + Sage
•   A Ritual for Clearing negativity in a place that has negative memories for you
•   Rituals, getting quiet, and meditation
•   A Course in Miracles
•   How to use crystals to release ideas that hold us back
•   Keeping yourself and your crystals in synch with moon cycles, and moon rituals
•   Tapping into your intuition


Check it out