Looking Forward & Looking Back: Recap and What to Expect

July was warm, so naturally, we can’t get enough of glowing skin and the beauty drinks that help us feel radiant. The most exciting part of July was the new drinks and collaborations we worked on and that are now a part of our menu. We’re proud to now carry iced Panatea matcha- straight or with our homemade vanilla or plain almond milk, we cant get enough. And, as promised, we worked together with CAP Beauty using their magical coconut butter to create a drink that quite literally tastes like beauty in a bottle- with mango, basil, and aloe water, its a refreshing summer drink that will make your taste buds and your skin happy. We’ve also just added an Acai Bowl to our summer specials- come in and tell us how you like it!

It was a fun month, and we’re so excited to move forward to August. We’re working hard on new exciting additions to our menu- look forward to our take on the traditional Golden Milk, and prepare your sweet tooth for a totally dairy free, balanced, delicious, clean ice cream- sounds impossible, we know. We can’t wait either.