Meditation for Eliminating Anxiety



As I started to record the meditation for this upcoming Full Moon, it quickly turned into a meditation to help with anxiety.. As I have said before, Full Moons can bring light on things that we are trying to keep hidden. Things we don’t normally see, or even allow ourselves to see. Often around Full Moons, more people will reach out and come see me to help with their anxiety. They notice that the full moon can often make their anxiety feel heightened.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

Albert Einstein

Anxiety often happens because we are either re-experiencing something that happened in the past, or we are fearful about something that might happen in the future. One of the best ways to get ourselves out of the spin, is to get firmly grounded in the present.

I created the below meditation, to get you deeply in the body and able to relax. Allow your mind to stop wandering and instead fully feel your body. Get present in what you are physically feeling in your body.

You can do this meditation anywhere and anytime.

Once we are grounded, we can often look at ourselves, our stories, our worries with a different perspective. Now take out your journal and just start to go in. You can use this PLAYLIST See what is coming up for you.  What is that version of your story are you ready to release?  How can you see your situations that are causing you anxiety differently?  You can use this playlist whenever you want to calm your mind. Allow the mantras to soothe you.

Once you have completed the journal portion, you are ready to clear your crystals, which you can do with Palo Santo, Sage, Sound, dirt, water etc... For a quick lesson on clearing and crystals check out my Instagram Highlights and click on the one for Clearing. To get more information check out THIS VIDEO where we talk about crystals, moons and clearing...

If you enjoy the ritual and meditations that I share, I invite you to join me and a group of like minded souls to go a little deeper.

I'm so excited and honored to teach my workshop; 

Breathe It Out: Free Yourself From Anxiety and Step Into Ease on Sunday, March 24, from 7 - 8:30 PM at Reflections Yoga. 

Together, we will work to understand what anxiety is,how your mind works, how to control it, and learn how to get ourselves out when we're caught in a trigger. It is so important to learn, process, and practice together. We will learn the tools to step into a life of ease, and you will see that you are not alone.

What you'll leave with:

An unforgettable conversation 

Practice in Breathwork + Kundalini Kriyas and Meditations

Your own Crystals from Rock Your Worth

The most delicious chocolate from Freaky Health Chocolate

A new community of like minded friends

If you’re ready to unblock and release patterns that have been holding you back and want a little extra guidance, I would love to see you in New York City in person, or virtually anywhere Schedule a time here. Looking forward to connecting! 

Three Minutes to Calm- with [Audio]

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The breathe is one of the most powerful tools for regulating how we feel and how we think.  We are the only living creatures that have the ability to self regulate it.  We can use the breath the calm us down, as well as invigorate our energy.  The three-part breath is one of the easiest ways to create a state of calm. Using this breath for meditation will quickly ease your mind, eliminate fear, and help you sink deeper into your body and into the present moment. Use this tool anytime you experience anxiety or depression. 


You can use THIS AUDIO FILE, where I explain it and count you down.  Once you have heard me counting you down a few times, some of you might just want the music, without me speaking. 

You can


ACCESS THE PLAYLIST HERE This will not have me speaking. 



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Lie on your back or sit in a comfortable seated position, eyes closed, with  one hand on your belly and the other on your heart chakra. If that doesn't feel comfortable, find a way that does, maybe hands on the knees, or sitting on your knees; whatever feels comfortable for you.  With your eyes gently closed, look up towards your third eye. Pay attention to the breath in the body, the sound of the gong playing, and what you see behind your closed lids.

As the gong sounds, you will start to breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.  After a few rounds,  move into the three-part breath sequence (explained below). 

The three-part breath is a one-minute cycle. 20 seconds to inhale, 20 seconds to hold, 20 seconds to exhale.  Most people can not do the 20 second count.  We will work with a count a 5.  The important part is that each part is equal, 3-3-3, 5-5-5, 10-10-10 etc...Go at a number that feels good to you. Be gentle with yourself.  Be calm with the breath. Don’t force it.