Emotions Running Deep [Audio + Playlist]



Please note, while it is great to do this with the New Moon, you can really start ANYTIME, so don't make excuses why you can't start TODAY!

I almost didn’t post anything today. To be honest, I have been in a funk. For the last few days I have felt a heaviness inside of myself, a questioning of things, old thoughts peaking their head. It’s been uncomfortable to say the very least. While I am not one to dwell in my feelings (anymore), I know I have to honor them and allow myself to actually feel it. .

If you have been reading any of the astrology reports, then you know that a New Moon in Pisces is a time of deep healing and of feeling emotional. For someone who rarely cries, I have shed more in the past few days then I have in months. And as I sit is that strong discomfort, I can feel the heaviness slowlly lifting.

I have found for me, that when I get curious as to why I am feeling a certain way I am able to unwrap it and learn from it. When the feelings of sadness, doubt or fear come in, I sit with them and lean in to hear what my body and emotions are trying to tell me.

 With this New Moon in Pisces, and Mercury in Retrograde, it is a perfect time to slow down, reflect, go inward.   This month with New Moon in Pisces, we can focus on healing. It is time for us to look inside and see what we have been avoiding, bringing it to the surface, and then letting it go.   

Some people think that to be strong is to never feel pain. In reality, the strongest people are the ones who feel it, understand it, accept and learn from it. — Unknown

Image A Wild Dove

Image A Wild Dove


So, for this new moon, I invite you to take some time and get quiet. Find an area that feels sacred to you. Get out your journal, incense and cleanser of choice, I will be using Palo Santo.  And, for this Ritual, I will be focusing on my Amethyst and Selenite Crystals, as they both have such healing and clearing powers.

As you listen to the recording above, I will take you through some of the prompts below.

Have your journal, crystals and what ever you are using to clear near by.

 Just sit quiet or lie down and breathe. Go in. Just let it out. Write it out, what has been coming up for you, what have you feel trying to bury inside. Give yourself permission to feel the pain, and know that is ok. Those things that have been whispering in your ear, release them on the paper. 

When you're finished, read it out loud telling yourself that it is ok to feel this way.  You are ready to heal it, and you know that means you have to see it and feel it first. Saying it aloud helps to take away the shame of keeping the pain unspoken and hidden. As you are reading your words, try to step outside yourself and see the lessons that that pain has brought you.  Look for the opportunities of learning and growth. 

When you feel ready, take your palo santo or sage, and start swirling the smoke around yourself and then your crystals. Really feeling the clearing that the smoke creates. Really feel yourself releasing the guilt, the shame and the pain. Then, place your crystals outside or by a window for a minimum of 24 hours.  

As far as the entry, I will be keeping it. I am finding the more I look back and reflect, the more I learn. Do what feels intuitive for you, burn it, throw it down the toilet, keep it etc...

PLAYLIST HERE if you want to go in without the prompts.

Please  let me know how it goes! 

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