Seeing the Opportunities...New Moon In Cancer [AUDIO]

Image from Pexels

Image from Pexels

Please note, while it is great to do this with the New Moon, you can really start ANYTIME, so don't make excuses why you can't start TODAY!

Never be defined by your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.

With today's New Moon in Cancer, the focus is on pain from the past. It might feel as if old feelings have returned, feelings you thought you had already put to bed.  These memories and past discomforts are not showing up to cause you more pain, but instead to help you to truly heal them.  

As I often post about, our disappointments and sadness are not life sentences, they are opportunities to learn and grow.  This doesn't mean it is always comfortable, but it also isn't something to avoid.  When we lean into it, and truly feel it, we have the ability to really learn from it and release it.  We can recognize that that pain does not have to define us, but instead can truly be an opportunity for growth.

I invite you to look at the your past from a different view. Instead of focusing on the pain that it might have caused, what would it feel like if you paid attention to all the good that came out of that pain? Seeing the strength you had to get through it and the tools you learned.  Noticing the compassion you have for yourself and others because of it. 

Along with the New Moon, we also have a Solar eclipse as well.  "A solar eclipse is just like a regular new moon where the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. However, a solar eclipse is more powerful because the Moon darkens the Sun. Solar eclipse July 2018 is a partial solar eclipse so most of the Sun will still be visible. The new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. A new moon influence lasts for four weeks but a solar eclipse usually lasts about six months...The strongest and most important aspect in astrology is Sun conjunct Moon. It means all possibilities are on the table and you can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future. It is time to question your old habits and behaviors as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start, so write your new goals down on a sheet of paper. The best time for making a new start is from the solar eclipse to the July 27 Lunar Eclipse. "(Astrology King)

This is a perfect time to go deep.  Really feeling and going in to truly notice what is coming up for you.  What are you trying to avoid? What gifts have you received from it?

For tonight's ritual, we will work with our conscious breath.  If we can control our breath, we can control our mind.  If we can control our mind, we can control our experience on the physical realm.  We are the only living organism that can self regulate our breath. That gives us power over our energy, our mind and our lives.

I have made an Audio file that will walk you through the breath,  It will start by tuning in. I will also be reading excerpts from a talk below that Yogi Bhajan gave on breath.

Please create a sacred space for yourself, light your incense + candle, take out your crystals.  You'll start by playing the below mediation.

When you are finished, you will start to journal, and use this PLAYLIST.  Take out your journal and just start to go in.  See what is coming up for you.  Allow yourself to see that pain that might be present, and then noticing all the gifts it has brought you.  Paying attention to the victories you had made from situations that didn't go how you might had originally hoped. Take your time.  When you have finished, spend some time setting intentions.  

Once you have completed the journal portion, you are ready to clear your crystals, which you can do with Palo Santo, Sage, Sound, dirt, water etc... For a quick lesson on clearing and crystals check out my Instagram Highlights and click on the one for Clearing). To get more information check out THIS VIDEOwhere we talk about crystals, moons and clearing...

Continuing journaling with  THE PLAYLIST , but focus on what you want to call in. Be detailed about it.  Be honest, what is it you want...If you feel called hold your crystals as you say your intentions out loud. When you are finished put your crystals either outside or near a window for 24 hours...Keep looking at this list and update it each New Moon.  Paying attention to all of your victories...

Jamie Graber Prayer Pose .jpg


Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 3 times

I bow to the Creative Wisdom, I bow to the Divine Teacher within

Ad Guray Nameh Jugad Guray Nameh Sat Guray Nameh Siri Guru Devay Nameh 3 times

I bow to the primal wisdom. I bow to the wisdom through the ages.

I bow to the true wisdom.I bow to the great unseen wisdom.

Breathing 3 times a Minute 

Using this breath for meditation will quickly ease your mind, eliminate fear, and help you sink deeper into your body and into the present moment. Use this tool anytime you experience anxiety or depression.

Breathing 3 times a minute will be broken down as 5 seconds to inhale, 5 seconds to hold, 5 seconds to exhale. Be calm with the breath. I explain during the recording.

Breath is life and life is breath. There is no difference between the two.

It is your breath of life. You have to care for it.  We don’t remember that the breath has got any importance for us. We do not know that we are attached to the breath. We think it is automatic and our great grandfather must have signed a lease for it. We worry for everything in this world, but we do not worry on that which gives us life, that is our breath. Moment you don’t breathe, they throw you out. Breath is your everything and you have no time to meditate on that. You meditate on God, but not on the breath, which is the tender charge of God. I have to tell you one thing very clearly. I can only pass on the truth to you. I cannot sit in you and breathe.

Take a conscious breath. Conscious is: take it in as long and deep as you can and take it out as much as you can. That is called conscious breath.” (Conscious breathing is also called “mechanical” breathing.)

What is attractive in you is not you. It is your absolutely radiant body. That is a shining armor around you for protection and attraction both. And (its strength) depends how deeply you consume praana and how many times during the day you try to breathe absolutely mechanically.” 

Your mind stops automatically when you are doing a mechanical breath. Your mind cannot go anywhere. It comes right to the point and it says, ‘Yes, master’. Normally it says, ‘Hey, slave, do what I say’. But once you start rhythmic mechanical breathing, mind shall stop. And if you really do it well for a while every day, you will be shocked to find that the mind will not disobey you for any reason. 

Your mind stops automatically when you are doing a mechanical breath. Your mind cannot go anywhere. It comes right to the point and it says, ‘Yes, master’. Normally it says, ‘Hey, slave, do what I say’. But once you start rhythmic mechanical breathing, mind shall stop. And if you really do it well for a while every day, you will be shocked to find that the mind will not disobey you for any reason.

In yoga never breathe a breath of life automatically, always breathe mechanically. Thirty-one minutes of mechanical breathing can give you better health than you ever had before. It can give you strength beyond understanding. It can give you answers for every question, which you can’t even imagine. Because you live by the breath and you die by the breath. So you must enjoy the breath. And to develop intuition, you must have your breath, the basic elementary power of life, under your control.

Only conscious breathing, praanayam, gives you consciousness. You can breathe automatically. Breathing you can do unconsciously. Why do we do conscious breathing? Are we insane? No. Conscious breathing leaves you with consciousness. Conscious relationship with praana is the conscious relationship with (Divine) Consciousness.


If you can command the breath of life and consciously breathe, you can be in command of your life and environments will relate to you as per your wish.

May we all understand, in the breath of life we can be Infinite and with our fearlessness and character, we can achieve all the riches of the earth to share them with mankind.

Please  let me know how it goes! 

If you’re ready to start something new and want a little extra help, I would love to see you in New York City in person, or virtually anywhere Schedule a time here. Looking forward to connecting!