An Intimate and Personal Conversation with My Dear Friend Nico Tortorella

I wish we could sit down in a quiet cafe and trade stories.

You know that magical feeling of connection when another human looks you in the eyes and speaks their truth to you?

I crave that. (And, since you’re a part of this community, I’m guessing you crave that too.)

But since we can’t do that today, I want to offer you a piece of my story that you probably haven’t heard before.

I’m gonna be honest with you...I almost didn’t post this.

Some of the stuff you’re about to hear is incredibly vulnerable. So vulnerable that it makes me really uncomfortable to invite you into it.

But I’ve learned that the things that make me the most uncomfortable are the things that are most important for me to act on (can anyone else relate to this?).

Anyway, here it is...

My intimate conversation with Nico Tortorella, a past love and a current dear friend, over on The Love Bomb Podcast (Episode 39).

You’ll hear me open up about...

  • the magic of my favorite number

  • the beginning of my eating disorder (and what finally healed me)

  • how I feel when I look in the mirror

  • the many different love relationships I’ve had in my life

  • my biggest heartbreak...and how it opened me to the perfect new life path

  • my views on monogamy, marriage, and passionate friendships

  • why french fries (and other indulgent foods) should be a part of a holistic diet
  • ...and much more


I’d love to invite you to be a part of it. Listen here.