Full Moon in Gemini Ritual + Meditation[Audio File + Journal Prompt]

The Full Moon is the perfect time for reflection.   Go in and go in deep...Release. 

Please note, while it is great to do this with the Full Moon, you can really start ANYTIME, so don't make excuses why you can't start TODAY!

As we draw closer to the end of the year, I can feel myself not only begining to reflect on all that has transpired during this past year, but also some of the things that I want to create in the new year. The Full Moon in Gemini, brings alot of clarity to help see what we have birthed and what we want to birth in the future. The Full Moon can help show us what we might want to let go of and what we want to bring in to the upcoming year.

This Full Moon has a bit of an intense energy that might feel challenging and harsh, but this is necessary to bring light on what you need and what you don’t. Full moons bring light to things we often don’t want to see, but it is in the witnessing of our challenges that we can learn and grow the most.

Allow yourself to truly feel all that you have been trying to avoid. There might have been a whispering that you have been trying to ignore for a bit, listen to it, learn from it and allow it to help you soar. Remember, almost all of what we are most proud of and our happiest moments, are often proceeded by a moment of pain and discomfort. Allow yourself to feel it and let it move you to rise.

Tonight, as usual I'm going to start by creating a sacred space.  For me, that is by my Altar, with all my crystals, which many of you might have already seen on this Instagram Post .  I will light incense and a candle.

Below is a guided meditation to put you in a state of self hypnosis and then you it will lead into a journaling prompt. We will work with the mantra Ardas Bahee.

“ Ardas Bahee is a mantra prayer. If you sing it, your mind, body and soul automatically combine and without saying what you want, the need of the life is adjusted. That is the beauty of this prayer.” — Yogi Bhajan

With this mantra, project out your prayer with the help of the strength of the navel. This mantra calls upon the third Sikh Guru, Guru Amar Das, and the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das, to answer one's prayers. The literal meaning of this mantra, in the words of Yogi Bhajan is:


“The prayer has gone out. Guru Amar Das hears the prayer; and Guru Ram Das confirms it and is the true guarantee that it is accepted.” (3ho)

 When you are done, start palo santo or saging yourself.  Start at your feet and swirl in the smoke of the sage. Then you can move to clearing your crystals. Releasing it all. Possibly saying out loud to yourself: 

I am releasing (insert whatever came up for you during the journaling). Repeating it slowly and feeling yourself release as you let the smoke cover your energy.  End at the crown , above the head.

Now, some people will burn the journal entry, some will rip it up and soak it in water, some people flush it, and some people keep it.  Do what feels best for you.

I like to let my crystals sit outside for a minimum of 24 hours…This can be outside or by a window. When you take them back in, they will have the power of you letting go. They will have released what you put into them.  

Above, is just what I do, but feel free to tweak it and make it your own.  Tap into what feels good for you.

Please note, the energy of the full moon is not just on the actual full moon, so if you can't do it tonight, don't you fret, you have 3 days before and after...

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Enjoy...Drop me a line and let me know, how it went. I would  love to hear from you!