The Last Full Moon Ritual of the Year

Photo Pexels

Photo Pexels


Please note, while it is great to do this with the Full Moon, you can really start ANYTIME, so don't make excuses why you can't start TODAY!

Here we are, at the last Full Moon of 2018. This has been a very intense year, to say the least. We are so lucky to end it with the Full Moon in Cancer. The energy of this Full Moon is not only about releasing, but also about allowing to bring in what you truly desire. It is said to be a moon of infinite possibilities.

 As I have said before, I am not an astrologer, but I am very connected to the moon cycles, and the more I pay attention, the more things start to flow.  When you do rituals with the moon cycles, you have the pull of the sky on your side.  This month with Cancer, we have extra help in truly leaving all the things we no longer wish to carry on in 2018 and bringing to us all that we desire in 2019.  It is a time for getting honest, getting clear and taking action. 

Image Juice It, Blend It Live It- John Van Pamer

Image Juice It, Blend It Live It- John Van Pamer

So, for this full moon, I invite you to take some time and go in. Sitting by your Altar, or a place where you have privacy, get out your crystals, light your candle and incense and begin. I recorded a meditation with a journal prompt to help you focus on what you are ready to release and what you are ready to bring in. You can use the recording and if you want to continue to journal, you can use the full playlist I made HERE

Use  two different pages for what you are releasing(A) and what you are choosing to bring in the new year(B).  

When you're done, look through your A list and write out 3 steps you can take to let go of some of those things before the end of the year. Get detailed. Then look at B list and do the same thing. What are three small steps you could take to bring any of what your wrote forward for 2019. You can keep going with this, every time you take action steps, write down more you can take. You’ll start to notice that small little steps are actually where all the big change actually takes place.

When you are done, take out your crytslas and you clearer of choice and repeat out loud the things that you will let go of and follow it up with what you will put in its’place.

For this entry, I won't burn or though away the journal entry, as I may get inspired to revisit and add more steps to release throughout the year.  It will also be a nice thing to look back on for the next Full Moon...

Please  let me know how it goes! 

If you’re ready to really let go of all that is holding you back and want a little extra help, I would love to see you in New York City in person, or virtually anywhere Schedule a time here. Looking forward to connecting!