Full Moon Meditation for Clearing [Reiki Infused]

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Image Pexels


The energy of the Full Moon is often thought of as shining a light on what is hidden within us. The stuff that is not on the surface. The light of the moon shines on all the things that we often don’t want to look at. During different phases of the Moon, different parts of our sub conscious beliefs are more present. We have more access to these “unseen” parts. We can use these times to work on clearing and unblocking the old limiting beliefs that are no longer serving us. A Lunar Eclipse, is an extra special and powerful Full Moon. It is a perfect time to look within ourselves, see what is there and then put an end to the pattern.

As I always say, I am not an astrologer, but I deeply feel the energy of the moon cycles. I look to get quiet during different phases and feel what is coming up for me during that times. So around phases like the New Moon, Full Moon or Eclipses, I do rituls and meditations that use the extra energy of the sky during these powerful times. And, lets be honest, you have most likely already started to feel the intensity of our planetary party going on.

With all of this powerful energy in the sky, let’s use it to help let go of what ever it is that is no longer serving us. Take some time to do the following meditation, so that you can fully release what you no longer need.

When you are finished,  pull out your journal and acknowledge the things that came up for you.  Writing out and saying out loud that you are ready to release each thing that came up. Take your time, feeling and releasing what you are tired of carrying around with you. Get clear. This is also a good time to clear your crystals, if you feel called to. You can do with Palo Santo, Sage, Sound, Dirt, Water etc... To get more information check out THIS VIDEO where we talk about crystals, moons and clearing....When you are finished put your crystals either outside or near a window for 24 hours...You can rip up the paper after, burn it, throw it down the toilet…whatever feels best for you…

If you want to go deeper with understanding the astrology of what is happening I recommend





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Guided Reiki Infused Meditation For Setting Intentions with The Gemini New Moon. [Audio]

Image from Pexels

Image from Pexels

*While the energy is amplified during the New Moon, please note this guided meditation can be done at any time.  

The new moon in Gemini is all about communication.  It is not just about the communication we have with others, but what is the conversation you are having with yourself.  This New Moon is asking us to go deep and get clear with our communication. 

Gemini represents both sides of the coin, the twins.  We often are caught in the conflicting sides of the situation, and can find ourselves battling ourselves in our head.  Trying to workout what direction we actually want to take.  Different parts of us want different things and how do we know which part we should listen to? How can we truly manifest when we aren't always sure what we actually want for ourselves?

"Part of this energy is the essence of the trickster. Because of her duality, Gemini illuminates the tricks we play on ourselves and the way our own mind can fool us. As we approach this New Moon, the cosmos is highlighting this energy for us to work with. The mind, just like Gemini, seeks to label, to define and to discern. When we apply this to our feelings, it is not always a perfect match. We may feel something in our heart, or our soul, and the mind may be too quick to label it- misconstruing its meaning and ultimately tricking us into believing it is something it is not. Usually these “tricks” are based on conditioned patterns learned long ago, or preconceived notions about who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to feel. (Spirit Daughter

This New Moon, ask yourself in what ways does your mind trick you? Maybe it’s by labeling your tears with sadness when they are out of gratitude, or perhaps it tells you that you’re not good enough when you feel excited about a new venture. There are many ways the mind tricks, recognize them and with the help of this New Moon start a new pattern.The New Moon in Gemini is a perfect time to get set goals and start with using your communication skills. " (Spirit Daughter

So, for this New Moon, we want to open up a conversation with our subconscious, allowing answers to unfold.  How do we do that? Well, I created a guided meditation for you to help bring answers to the surface. Think of it as a mini Energy Session.  It is filled with Reiki  + Sound + Guidance + Healing.  Reiki energy healing can move time and space, so you will feel it, even though you are not with me at the time I recored it for you. 

Please create a sacred space for yourself, light your incense + candle, take out your crystals.  You'll start by playing the below guided mediation.

When you are finished, you will start to journal, and use this PLAYLIST.  Take out your journal and just start to go in.  See what is coming up for you.  Let yourself free flow, allow your subconscious  to just allow itself to be heard.  Listen for whatever answers might be there.  Do not judge yourself, just allow. 

About the mantra for the playlist: "There are several practices in Kundalini yoga that help clear the subconscious mind. But if you want to add a mantra to your regimen and take out the trash while you chant, there is a mantra for that.“Gobinday Mukanday”, also called the Guru Gaitri mantra, is a powerful tool to clear the subconscious mind and according to Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini yoga, clear deep-seated blocks.  He also said this mantra could balance the hemispheres of the brain and bring patience and compassion to the listener. (Spirit Voyage)

The words are easy enough to pick up and refer to different aspects of the Divine.

“Gobinday, Mukunday, Udaray, Apaaray, Hariang, Kariang, Nirnamay, Akaamay”

Sustainer, Liberator, Enlightener, Infinite, Destroyer, Creator, Nameless, Desireless

Once you have completed the journal portion, you are ready to clear your crystals, which you can do with Palo Santo, Sage, Sound, dirt, water etc... For a quick lesson on clearing and crystals check out my Instagram Highlights and click on the one for Clearing). To get more information check out THIS VIDEO where we talk about crystals, moons and clearing...

Continuing journaling with  THE PLAYLIST , but focus on what you want to call in. Be detailed about it.  Be honest, what is it you want...If you feel called hold your crystals as you say your intentions out loud. When you are finished put your crystals either outside or near a window for 24 hours...Keep looking at this list and update it each New Moon.  Paying attention to all of your victories...

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