Breathing it in...


If you have been following along on instagram, I have had a quite a few emotional weeks. For someone who hasn’t lived in her emotions for a long time, it was a bit unsettling at first, then it actually started to feel good, like a shedding of stuff and fears that I was ready to release. As we have gotten closer to the equinox and tonights full moon, I can truly feel a sihift. A full release.

As always, a full moon in a great time of releasing. It is a time of closure and completion. The focus of tonight's full Moon in Libra, is about communication, balance and relationships.  It is the relationship with ourselves, our word and with others around us. As i go inward, I can get a deeper understanding of myself. I can see the places where I have been out of balance, with myself and with with my relationships. And how my communication been. Have I been speaking my mind? Have I been allowing others to do the same? Where have I been off with that? What story have I been telling myself that is hurting me. What can i release that isn’t serving me?

The full moons are opportunities for us to look within and see our “stuff”. They shed light on the areas that we have wanted to avoid, but when we do avoid them show up as blocks to all that we actually want. So for tonights meditation, lets go inside and see what comes up, then journal out whatever comes up for you.

It’s a meditation on breath, and in moments your mind will wander, and that’s ok, when you remember, go back to the breath. As you are clearing your mind, things will come up that might have been hidden because of your “busyness”. When you are done, allow your self to journal whatever came up, don’t over think it, allow it to be a subconscious dump…

I will still clear and charge my crystals with the Full Moon, and you can checkout  THIS POST if you want a great journaling and crystal clearing exercise.

If you enjoy the ritual and meditations that I share, I invite you to join me and a group of like minded souls to go a little deeper.

I'm so excited and honored to teach my workshop; 

Breathe It Out: Free Yourself From Anxiety and Step Into Ease on Sunday, March 24, from 7 - 8:30 PM at Reflections Yoga. 

Together, we will work to understand what anxiety is,how your mind works, how to control it, and learn how to get ourselves out when we're caught in a trigger. It is so important to learn, process, and practice together. We will learn the tools to step into a life of ease, and you will see that you are not alone.


What you'll leave with:

An unforgettable conversation 

Practice in Breathwork + Kundalini Kriyas and Meditations

Your own Crystals from Rock Your Worth

The most delicious chocolate from Freaky Health Chocolate

A new community of like minded friends