My Podcast with Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde

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My interview with Jordan, of The Balanced Blonde, is LIVE. And I can’t wait for you to go listen.

As many of you know, Jordan and I go way back.  I have had the pleasure of hosting her at both the East Village and West Village locations of Gingersnap's Organic. We get really deep, and really raw about the scary decisions that have created magical transformation in our lives. How stepping away from one identity for each of us, lead to a magical life of transformation, healing and happiness. 


You’ll get to hear us talk about…


  • the ONE conversation I had with Jordan that completely changed her eating habits, in a single day (you might’ve heard this story if you know her background as The Blonde Vegan).
  • manifesting the life you want 
  • getting quiet so you can actually know what is best for you 
  • learning to listen to YOUR body to know what is best for YOU to eat
  • my honest thoughts about french fries (and why I sometimes say YES to foods I used to label “bad”).
  • the beauty that can be found in seasons of difficult transitions.
  • why both of us reject labels and choose to embrace a more intuitive eating practice.


I honestly can’t wait for you to take a listen. Not only is Jordan filled with so much light and wisdom, but I also know that you’re going to pull so much value from our long-overdue conversation.

Click here to listen to the episode HERE and please, drop me a line and let me know what you think!

And in case you missed it, enjoy my latest Ritual  for going inward and doing the deep healing..

Using the Healing Energy of the New Moon in Pisces



Please note, while it is great to do this with the Full Moon, you can really start ANYTIME, so don't make excuses why you can't start TODAY!

The speed at which this year is moving is like nothing I have ever experienced, and I know I am not the only one who is feeling it.  With this New Moon in Pisces, it is a perfect time to slow down, reflect, go inward.  As I have said before, I am not an astrologer, but I am very connected to the moon cycles, and the more I pay attention, the more things start to flow.  When you do rituals with the moon cycles, you have the pull of the planets on your side.  This month with New Moon in Pisces, we can focus on healing. It is time for us to look inside and see what we have been avoiding, bringing it to the surface, and then letting it go.   

Some people think that to be strong is to never feel pain. In reality, the strongest people are the ones who feel it, understand it, accept and learn from it. — Unknown

"New Moon in Pisces invites us to take a deep breath and exhale everything that keeps us separate from our own connection to the dreamtime, the Wakan, the Great Mystery.  Here is the opening to take the deep dive into the Void – a deeper intelligence permeating all life.  Here we are called to surrender our burdens as we are held by the limitless ocean of consciousness.  We feel the compassion and acceptance of the Tao, and our own ability to forgive and accept ‘what is’ is strengthened so we may extend the same to others.  There is a time for being and a time for doing.  This is most definitely a time for being.  We extend gratitude to receptive, watery Pisces for her gift at this most feminine of times, more so than at any other time of the year.  Intuition, imagination, and the opening into awareness are at an all time high.  We are supported to connect with our own inner guidance.  So much is being offered for our awakening and healing and many are rising to the occasion."  Pat Liles Full Write Up Here

 Image A Wild Dove

Image A Wild Dove


So, for this new moon, I invite you to take some time and get quiet. Find an area that feels sacred to you. Get out your journal, incense and cleanser of choice, I will be using Palo Santo.  And, for this Ritual, I will be focusing on my Amethyst and Selenite Crystals, as they both have such healing and clearing powers.

As you listen to THIS PLAYLIST let the first song play.  Just sit quiet and breathe. Go in. When it is finished, get out your journal and just let it out. Write it out, what has been coming up for you, what have you feel trying to bury inside. Give yourself permission to feel the pain, and know that is ok. Those things that have been whispering in your ear, release them on the paper. 

When you're finished, read it out loud telling yourself that it is ok to feel this way.  You are ready to heal it, and you know that means you have to see it and feel it first. Saying it aloud helps to take away the shame of keeping the pain unspoken and hidden. As you are reading your words, try to step outside yourself and see the lessons that that pain has brought you.  Look for the opportunities of learning and growth. 

When you feel ready, take your palo santo or sage, and start swirling the smoke around yourself and then your crystals. Really feeling the clearing that the smoke creates. Really feel yourself releasing the guilt, the shame and the pain. Then, place your crystals outside or by a window for a minimum of 24 hours.  

As far as the entry, I will be keeping it. I am finding the more I look back and reflect, the more I learn. Do what feels intuitive for you, burn it, throw it down the toilet, keep it etc...


Ra - Sun

Ma - Moon

Daa - Earth

Saa - Impersonal Infinity

Saa Say - Totality of Infinity

So - Personal sense of merger and identity

Hung - The infinite, vibrating and real.

This mantra taps into the energies of the sun, moon, earth, and the Infinite Spirit to bring deep healing. It is important to pull the navel point powerfully on the first Sa and on Hung. Note that the word Hung is not long and drawn out. Rather, it is clipped off forcefully as you pull in the navel. Chant one complete cycle of the entire mantra with each breath. Then deeply inhale and repeat. Remember to move the mouth precisely with each sound. Try to feel the resonance in the mouth and in the sinus area.

(Taken from 3HO )

Please  let me know how it goes! 

If you’re ready to really go after your goals and want a little extra help, I would love to see you in New York City in person, or virtually anywhere Schedule a time here. Looking forward to connecting! 

Putting an End to Imposter Syndrome


Often when I sit down at my desk to prepare for a big interview, write an outline for a speaking engagement, or work on a new article, I hear whispers of self-doubt swirl through my mind.


Before I even begin, the fear can start to get to me.


You know nothing.

Who are you to deserve this opportunity?

No one wants to hear what you have to say.


How many of you have heard those exact words echo through your mind—maybe after a promotion, or after an invitation, or after being asked to pioneer a new project?


Well, say hello to “Imposter Syndrome.”


Imposter syndrome was first named by a pair of clinical psychologists in the 1970s, who identified the near-universal experience of feeling like a fraud, feeling like an accidental high-achiever, and feeling unworthy in the face of your own accomplishments.


When success arrives at our doorstep, we convince ourselves that it was meant for someone else—because there’s no way that we deserve it. We’re too inadequate, too incompetent, too small.


We’ve all been there, right? We’ve all experienced self-doubt. We’ve all been crippled by insecurities and paralyzed by fear. 


But the irony is that we believe we’re the only ones. We fall for the lie that everyone else is confident, worthy, and deserving. And that’s when we start to listen to the damaging voice in our head: I’m the only fraud in the room


The truth is, we all have an inner critic, a voice that makes us question our worth and our experience. This voice tells us the same, worn-out story: you’re not good enough. And, ironically, this voice is often triggered by external approval, opportunities, or compliments.


These positive experiences unearth our buried insecurities, and spin us into a whirlwind of self-doubt.


I see this scenario play out in my clients’ lives all the time.


One day, they’re telling me that they have been asked to speak a prestigious event,  photographed a campagihn or  asked to spearhead the next team project. And, the next day, they’re telling me that maybe it’s not the right fit, and maybe they should back out, and maybe it’s not meant for them.


Too many times, I’ve experienced this same swinging pendulum of emotions—in one moment, fiercely grateful for new opportunities, and in the next moment, completely trapped by the triggered voice of the inner critic.


But thankfully, through all of my years of self work, I’ve learned how to meet imposter syndrome head-on and move through it with mindfulness and intention.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t rear its ugly head every now and again, but I am able to come back to reality real quickly and get my self in a different state of mind.  The mind of someone who knows not only are the capable to doing what they are being asked, but it is their responsibility to do so.  We al have talents and skills and we are doing a disservice to ourselves and the other we can help if we don’t let them shine. 


So, now, when imposter syndrome shows up for my clients, I encourage them sit with it. Don’t try to drown the feeling or shove it into your gut. Instead, take long, deep breaths and bring your awareness to your physical body.


Once your body begins to relax, bring intention to your thoughts. Visualize your accomplishments,, and the faces of people whose lives have impacted through your work. Remind yourself that it is not only your right, but also your obligation to speak out and show up—so that your healing can serve others. Trace your way back through the work you have done to arrive at a place where you can be of great help and inspiration to others.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world"
—Marianne Williamson


Usually, this moment of intentionality is enough to bring you back into a positive headspace and get you back into action mode.


But for the days when imposter syndrome’s grip is especially strong, I’ve developed a series of practices that help to quiet the voice of the critic.


Next time you’re battling self-doubt, I encourage you to implement one or more of these practices—and always remember: you’re in charge of your feelings, and you’re always free to recalibrate and reclaim control.


1.     Stack the positives. Reframe your inner story by consciously naming your past accomplishments, achievements, and successes. Claim your areas of brilliance and speak your strengths aloud. By focusing on these positives, you take your attention away from the weaknesses and imperfections that your inner critic wants you to concentrate on.

2.     Be of service. Sometimes, when we’re spiraling into a negative headspace and feeling like a fraud, we’re hyper-focused on our ego. When you’re trapped in a self-centered mindset, serving others is a perfect way to recalibrate. Find a way to mentor a colleague, volunteer for a good cause, or help a needy friend.

3.     Get into action. One of the fastest ways to tackle imposter syndrome? Start doing the work anyway. When you show up, in spite of your fear, you leave no room for self-doubt and you create space for others to do the same.

4.     Remember that you’re not alone. Gently remind yourself that you’re not the only one experiencing feelings of self-doubt. Thousands of other brilliant, generous, successful humans encounter imposter syndrome every single day. And here’s some proof.

5.     Practice meditation. A consistent meditation practices allows your brain, body, and nervous system to slow down. And, in that slowness, you create space. Space to choose your actions (instead of living in reaction mode). Space to notice and release your triggers (instead of spiralling into self-loathing). Space to observe a situation and act with intention (instead of falling into knee-jerk reaction patterns). I love active meditations, and I’ve included one of my favorite Kundalini meditations below. 


The Caliber of Life Meditation:


Start practicing this meditation for three minutes, and slowly increase your practice to eleven minutes. Pay attention to the details of the pose, and don't increase the time until you are practicing the post correctly. This meditation builds self-trust and groundedness.


Use this GONG PLAYLIST in the background to cleanse self-doubt.


“Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” said three times. Ong Namo: I  bow to the Creative Wisdom, Guru Dev Namo: I bow to the Divine Teacher within. 

Ad Guray Nameh Jugad Guray Nameh Sat Guray Nameh Siri Guru Devay Nameh said three times. Ad Guray Nameh: I bow to the primal wisdom. Jugad Guray Nameh: I bow to the wisdom through the ages .Sat Guray Nameh:  I bow to the true wisdom. Siri Guru Devay Nameh: I bow to the great unseen wisdom


Following instructions taken from KRI Teachers Training Manual.


1.     Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh. (Lift the chest and sternum up while lengthening the back of the neck, by pulling the chin toward the back of the neck. Neck, throat, and face muscles remain relaxed.)

2.     Extend both arms straight forward, and parallel to the ground. Curl the fingers of the right hand into a fist. Extend the thumb straight up. Keep the elbow straight and move the fist to the center of the body. Move the left arm to the center and wrap the fingers of the left hand around the outside of the right hand's fist. Extend the left thumb straight up. Adjust the grip of the hands so that the thumbs can touch along their sides as they point up. The tips of the thumbs will form a little "V" like a gunsight.

3.     Focus the eyes on the thumbnails and through the "V". Look through the "V" like a gunsight, seeing far away and seeing the "V".

4.     Inhale deeply and fill the lungs for 5 seconds. Exhale completely and empty the lungs for 5 seconds. Then suspend the breath out as you stay still for 15 seconds.

 Photo: The Library of Teachings

Photo: The Library of Teachings

5.     Continue this breath cycle.

 Photo: The Library of Teachings

Photo: The Library of Teachings

Using the Energy of the Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon .jpg


Please note, while it is great to do this with the Full Moon, you can really start ANYTIME, so don't make excuses why you can't start TODAY!

Wow, how are we already at the end of February our third Full moon of 2018?   As I have said before, I am not an astrologer, but I am very connected to the moon cycles, and the more I pay attention, the more things start to flow.  When you do rituals with the moon cycles, you have the pull of the sky on your side.  This month with Virgo, we can get a lot of cleaning done.  It is a time for getting honest with yourself and taking action. 

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” John C. Maxwell

The full moon in Virgo is all about processing and analysis and those really habitual things. Virgo is a sign that’s concerned with what we do day to day. This particular full moon is a really great time to clear up what it is that you're willing to let go of, so that you can be more whole in your life. So that you can get out of your own way. (taken from Jessica Lanyadoo,)

Our habits and why we choose them, have been coming up  lot in classes I am taking, articles I am reading and with clients in our sessions.  It is an interesting topic to ponder...Why do we do certain things? It is because someone in our family did them, something we see on social media, or a choice that we are making truly for us?

 Image A Wild Dove

Image A Wild Dove

So, for this full moon, I invite you to take some time and really journal out your daily habits. Sitting by your Altar, or a place where you have privacy, get out your crystals, light your candle and incense and begin.  Play this Playlist Here    Use  two different pages, and free flowingly write out your habits.  Without over thinking it, put them on either side A, that is for things that are positive actions and choices, like daily meditation and then column B for things that don't really serve you and that you do out of routine, somewhat robotic.  

When you're done,  pick a minimum of 3 on each page, side A, the ones you commit to doing until the next Full Moon, and side B, the ones you commit to letting go, at least until the next full moon. On another page, rewrite the ones you will let go of, saying out loud, I will release...making room for things that help to serve me.  While you are saying this, you can light your palo santo or sage, and start cleansing your crystals.  When you finish, write out the actions you are committing to keeping daily, and say out loud, I am committed to doing ... daily knowing that this will help me live the life I know I am capable of living. Then, place your crystals outside or by a window for a minimum of 24 hours.  

For this entry, I won't burn or though away the journal entry, as I may get inspired to revisit and add more habits to release throughout the month.  It will also be a nice thing to look back on for the next Full Moon...

Playlist Here  

Mantra is: Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa Sa Rung, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har Har Rung


That Infinite Totality is here, everywhere. That creativity of God is here, everywhere.

Adversity melts before this mantra. This mantra takes away negativity from within oneself awakening the Infinite Creative energy to burn away obstacles to achieving higher consciousness.

Sa is the Infinite, the Totality, God. It is the element of ether. It is the origin, the beginning, and it contains all other effects. It is subtle and beyond. Har is the creativity of the Earth. It is the dense element, the power of manifestation, the tangible, the personal. These sounds are woven together and then projected through the sound of ung or complete Totality. This is the base mantra of all mantras.

It gives you the capacity of effective communication so your words contain mastery and impact. This mantra helps you conquer the wisdom of the past, present, and future. It brings you peace and prosperity even if it wasn’t in your destiny. (Taken from 3HO )

Please  let me know how it goes! 

If you’re ready to really go after your goals and want a little extra help, I would love to see you in New York City in person, or virtually anywhere Schedule a time here. Looking forward to connecting! 

A Year After My Life Changing Decision

JAMIE GRABER EAST Gingersnapsorganic.jpg

They say a lot can happen in a year.  February 1st, marks the 1 year anniversary of my life changing in a way I could have never imagined. I feel as if I’ve lived a lifetime over the past twelve months. It seems like there’s been too much change to fit in the container of a single year, and I open my journal to track the important dates.

I met Lacy Phillips, my expander and life changer, at an event at the end of last September. Within minutes of meeting her, I knew I wanted to work with her, so we scheduled an appointment for six weeks out—November 7th, 2016.

She told me to use the weeks before my appointment to really consider what I wanted to focus on and call in. And that’s when I started to get quiet. Carving out that reflection time wasn’t easy, or at least that is what I told myself...But I needed to do some deep internal work, if I was going to make the changes I needed to make.

And then, in November, we finally spoke. And she asked me casually, what if Gingersnap’s Organic wasn’t my purpose?  And the answers came pouring out of my soul, and I knew that my restaurant days were over. It was time to embrace a higher calling—to work with individuals to call in healing and transformation into their lives full time.

I gave notice to my landlord within a month.



Taking steps towards change by has been a pattern in my life. It started when I switched my major from business to philosophy (plus a minor in psychology) at nineteen years old. My dad wasn’t happy about it, but I knew I needed answers to all my questions about human nature, the mind, and relationships with myself and others.

As I dug into the inner workings of the human mind, I started to lose control over my own emotions and reactions. I got so trapped in my head, and each day felt painful to exist. I felt like there was no place for me. I just wanted to go away, disappear inside myself. 

In classes, I was learning about philosophy, and started really  battling my own mind.  I was  grasping for control in my relationship with food, and spending hours at the gym to fill this hole inside of me. I lost my self and tumbled deep into the darkness of depression, anxiety, and disordered eating. It was my darkest of dark.  

My problems didn’t magically disappear after college, even though I somehow thought they might. After graduating, I moved back to New York to live with my high school best friend. Maybe this sounds like every girl’s dream, but it was the exact opposite of what I needed. I yearned for new people, and a new (and true) identity, but I couldn’t escape the story of my adolescence. I was still struggling to find balance in my relationship with food, and the people around me were constant triggers for my anxiety, and insecurities.


Jamie Graber Surfing.jpg

In 2000 I knew I needed to make a big change, if I wanted to live a better life.  I took a leap of faith, quit my job, and moved out to Santa Monica—a place that felt like home even though I didn’t know a soul, except of course my own, for the first time. So, I tossed my Guccis and started walking barefoot in the sand.

In Santa Monica, I met my soul sister Heather, who would have me meet her on the beach at 5AM to practice this kooky thing called Kundalini. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew that I felt great. She reminded me of my childhood connection to spirit and trust. I rediscovered my love for crystals and candles and all things mystical. She would give me Reiki and we would talk about the mind for hours on end.

In searching for a place to understand myself deeper, I started my first yoga teacher training with Saul David Raye in 2004, and then went on to finish my 200-hour and 300-hour training with Annie Carpenter at YogaWorks in 2006.  It was in that work that I was able to dive deeper into my body, connecting with my breath and my energy. I began to understand the power of choice, acceptance, and perspective. 

Fast forward to 2008, and this California girl had faced many of her demons. She was ready to come home. Within in months of landing back home, I fell in love with a meat-and-gluten-loving chef—which was quite the surprise for this raw vegan. 

Being back in New York (and with my food-loving husband) inspired me to create a plant based restaurant. I loved the idea of creating healing foods and helping people live nourishing lifestyles. So I charged ahead and ignored my intuition. You see, from my previous experience running plant based restaurants in Los Angeles, I always knew I was building something I didn’t want to run.

Even after years of self-work and discovery, I still wasn’t ready to own my truth, my desires, and my true purpose.


 A Course in Miracles Community Night

A Course in Miracles Community Night

It wasn't all bad, by any means.  The bright spots were my interactions with my incredible customers. I’d work with them to make food and lifestyle choices that fit their needs, and in these moments I felt alive. I started to coach them in my hours away from the cafe and  I KNEW  that was what I was born to do. We also held a weekly community night where we discussed A Course in Miracles,   Unfortunately, I spent most of my hours solving sourcing problems, managing staff, and dealing with the hectic energy of running a cafe in Manhattan.

And this brings us back to last fall. My lifetimes-ago moment that sparked real change. The last week of January marks one year. One year since I closed the doors to what I once thought was my dream career. One year since I started living my real dream: bringing healing and transformation to my clients through mind shifting and energy work.  This year has gone so fast, yet it seems like lifetimes have passed. Stepping into my purpose and power hasn’t been easy, but it couldn’t be more rewarding.

The transformation process—even good, necessary transformation—isn’t easy, though. For the first few months, I worried that I had lost my identity. At first, when people would ask me about Gingersnap’s or my career, I would skirt their questions or give vague answers. I didn’t feel like I could step into the power of owning that I was a full time coach.

It took a little while for me to fully embrace and step into my new life. It started with a lot of journaling and inner work. And then small, brave actions followed. There were other larger shifts, too. At Gingersnap’s, every day was fast-paced, chaotic, and anxiety-inducing. When I transitioned into full-time coaching, I realized that I needed to reframe my beliefs around work, productivity, and self-worth.

I had gotten used to working fourteen-hour days, and I felt lost, at first, in the sometimes slowness of my new lifestyle. At the root of this lost-ness was fear, of course. Fear of stepping outside of my comfort zone. Fear that if I showed up as myself, people would run away. Fear that I wasn’t good enough. There was nothing to hide behind this time. No staff, no cafe—just me, out there for the world to judge. To keep the voices of fear and depression at bay, I created healthy rituals to anchor my days. I knew I needed to get out of my head and into intuitive action to stay in a healthy headspace.



Over time, I found my own incredible space where I could see my local clients.  And yes, it looks just like the one I held in my vision for the months prior.  I kept pursuing education and growth:  These practices keep me on track, and keep me moving forward, and keep me serving my clients in new and powerful ways.

None of my journey is about slapping a positivity quote on every situation—this is about deeply changing the way I viewed my life and  circumstances so that I could welcome in change. Going back to my days of philosophy, I now understand on a deeper level that we do have power over our minds, as long as we build helpful practices and learn to get quiet. When we can get quiet, we can act from a place of choice, rather than reaction.  We can tap into the pain of our past and learn to release and learn from it.  Even thank it...

Sometimes I wake up and feel I’m not working hard enough because I find such deep joy in what I do. I’ll end an afternoon filled with back-to-back appointments or workshops and feel more energized than I have in years. And I take self-care seriously, like it’s my job—and, in a lot of ways, it really is! I do the hard work within myself so that I can show up in the best way possible for the people that come into my life, including my clients. 

Finally, when I’m tempted to wonder why it took me so long to find my true self and my true calling, I consciously sink into gratitude. I thank each part of my journey—from my eating disorder to my time in California—for being a teacher, a lesson, and a test.

My life has been an amazing collection of gifts and opportunities. Every experience brought me to this place where I was ready to bring in a guide and make this beautiful leap. And, while Gingersnap’s brought stress and anxiety into my life for so many years, it also cracked me open to see my truest purpose. And I can’t help but be grateful for that being the greatest lesson of all.

A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which.
Lawrence Pearsall Jacks

jamie Graber Ego Eradicator.jpg

Setting Goals with the New Moon...

JamieGraber lightingAltar.jpg

Please note, while it is great to do this with the New Moon, you can really start ANYTIME, so don't make excuses why you can't start TODAY!

New moons are the Perfect time to focus on new beginnings and things that we want to bring forth. The first New Moon of the year, in Capricorn, is especially powerful for setting your year in the direction you want it to flow.  The New Moon in Capricorn is all about setting long term goals and taking actions towards them. 

Knowing the power of tonights New Moon, let's really focus on goal setting for the new year. I will still clear my crystals and set them in the New Moon energy infused with my intentions like I  wrote about a few weeks ago, but tonight I really want to get clear and focused.  I want to set my goals with laser focus;


“A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.” Harvey MacMackay

To start, let's get quiet. For me, I will sit by my Altar, light my incense and candle and play  THIS PLAYLIST .  I find practicing One Minute Breath, before I journal, helps my creative flow. It calms my mind and my body so that my thoughts can flow clearly.  It helps me get into my body, and into the present moment.  

When the gong portion of the playlist is finished (The first 3 songs are 11 minutes, including the Gong),  get out your journal and just start to write out some of your desires for this upcoming year.  The song following the gong, is a very powerful mantra.  Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar mantra, the Magic Mantra, stops anything negative and removes all obstacles. It brings great intuition. (3HO) 

This mantra is so strong that it elevates the self beyond duality and establishes the flow of the spirit. This mantra will make the mind so powerful that it will remove all obstacles. We call it the ‘magic mantra’ because its powerful effect happens quickly and lasts a long time. But it has to be chanted with reverence, in a place of reverence.”-Yogi Bhajan


  1. Sit in Easy Pose with Neck Lock. 
    • Neck Lock: Lift the chest and sternum up while lengthening the back of the neck, by pulling the chin toward the back of the neck. Neck, throat and face muscles remain relaxed.
  2. Inhale very slowly for 20 OR 10 OR 5 seconds.
  3. Hold for 20 OR 10 OR 5 seconds, pull the spine up, drop the shoulders.(the same amount of time you inhaled)
  4. Exhale very slowly for 20 OR 10 OR 5  seconds. .(the same amount of time you inhaled and held)
  5. Continue in that pattern. Just keep the numbers for each part of the breath the same. (Each part of the breath is the same amount of time)

Adapted from The Library of Teachings and KRI Teachers Manual.


After you free flow with your thoughts,  start to add structure to your journaling and goal setting. I find the more detailed I get with my goals, the easier it is to see the steps I need to take to create them into my reality. So, be specific with each goal. For this exercise, focus on one goal at a time.  You can repeat it multiple times, but stay focused and bring each goal through the list of questions.

 Start by asking yourself some questions:

1) What is it that I want?

journal goal setting .jpg

It is important that we get clear on this. The process of manifesting and creating the life we dream of, starts with us holding a vision of it.  In order for us to create the life, it helps to see it, feel it, breathe it into our energy and hold it on our body.  So, specifically write down; how will you feel when you have this goal met? What will change for you physically? emotionally? visually?  Go through all the different aspects of your life that can change when you attain the goal.  

2) How will you know you have met your goal? 

It is helpful to have clear milestones that show you progress in attaining whatever it is you are wanting to call in.  In this step you want to create timelines where you check in to see the progress you made.  It is important that you take your time with this step.  Putting down right now as when you want to have this goal is not setting yourself up for true success.  When figuring out your milestones and the times to attaining them, you really want to think it through.  What are the steps you will have to take? How long will those steps take? Think about this step as if you are making a map with timeframes on your goal.  

3)What might stop you from having this goal met?

This is not to be negative, but we want to anticipate some of things that might present themselves as obstacles.  This way we go in, knowing how to get around them...So think about some of things that might stop you and then go inside and see the ways that you can get yourself around it.  This includes outside influences, as well as inner stories that you tell yourself.  Walk yourself through your doubt, so that you don't let it stop you.

4) What resources do you have NOW, that can help you in achieving your goal?

Go through and inventory all the things, people, connections and support you have that can help you with achieving your goal.  This could be a friend who is in the field you are looking to move into,  an editor of a blog you might want to be featured on, a Yoga teacher that inspires you etc...More often than not, people want to help each other.  Get together with people that inspire you towards your goals and spend time with them.  Ask the questions, ask for help. It is incredibly helpful to hear other people's success stories.  This gives your mind the conformation of what is possible.  

5) What are your steps?

After answering the first 4 questions you will have the answers to your last question.  What steps can I take to get closer to my goal?  List out the steps you need to make. Give yourself a number of steps you want to take each day, week, month etc...Track it.  Write down what you want to accomplish and when you do, write it down that you have completed it.  Look at it often, SEE your progress written down, in your handwriting.  This can be really helpful when you are having an off day.  

I have used these questions on myself and with clients, and if you do the work, your goals are just moments away... Please  let me know how it goes!

And if you haven't started yet, NOW  is a perfect time to start the New Years Mediation I posted a few weeks back, you can find it HERE . A New Moon is a perfect time to start a new habit. Remember, Yogi Bhajan says practicing every day for 40 days straight will break any negative habits that block you from the expansion possible through the kriya or mantra.

If you’re ready to really go after your goals and want a little extra help, I would love to see you in New York City in person, or virtually anywhere Schedule a time here. Looking forward to connecting! 

Meditation for Learning the Lessons of the Past-with Audio Track

 Photo John Von pamer

Photo John Von pamer

The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect.  For me, today is about meditating and journaling. The start of the year is the perfect time to start a new habit. Yogi Bhajan says practicing every day for 40 days straight will break any negative habits that block you from the expansion possible through the kriya or mantra.

I am in love with Kirtan Kriya in general, and the Cross-Heart version is extra special. I find it to be incredibly clearing and peaceful.  This meditation works on The Negative Mind,  The Negative Mind is there to protect us, but when it is too loud, it can stop us from moving forward and taking action.  When The Negative Mind is too quiet, we can find ourselves repeating mistakes of the past.  This is a great meditation for bringing The Negative Mind into balance.  You will be able to learn quickly from your past, and see new ways to clean it up and avoid repeating the same lessons.  I am going to add this meditation to my daily meditation for the next 40 days.  I invite you to do this along with me and let me know how it goes!

"The Hemispheres will balance; the past will be processed and dumped; and insecurity will vaporize." Yogi Bhajan

I will start by being in a sacred space, for me that is by my Altar.  Next, I  will light my candle and my incense and sit quiet for a Moment.  Then I will begin...

I created an audio file that will include tuning in, a quick basic spine series warm up and then 11 minutes of Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya, followed by 3 minute Wish Fulfilling Gong.  There will be music and I will be calling out all the cues.  You can listen to the audio below. (it can be pulled into spotify under local files after you download it...)


“Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” said three times. Ong Namo: I  bow to the Creative Wisdom, Guru Dev Namo: I bow to the Divine Teacher within. 

Ad Guray Nameh Jugad Guray Nameh Sat Guray Nameh Siri Guru Devay Nameh said three times. Ad Guray Nameh: I bow to the primal wisdom. Jugad Guray Nameh: I bow to the wisdom through the ages .Sat Guray Nameh:  I bow to the true wisdom. Siri Guru Devay Nameh: I bow to the great unseen wisdom






  1.  Quick  WARM UP of Basic Spine Flex. Come into Easy Pose (a comfortable cross-legged sitting position). Inhale as you lift the chest up high and tilt the pelvis forward. Then exhale, round the lower back, and rock the pelvis back. Remember to lift the chest up high on each inhale and keep the chin level to the ground in both positions. 
  2. This is good to lubricate the spine, and move the energy.  It adjusts the spine, strengthens the nervous and reproductive systems, and brings the emotions into balance. It is not part of the meditation, but beneficial to warm up the spine. 





 Image by starhealing 11

Image by starhealing 11

Posture: Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. Cross the forearms below the wrist and place them in front of the chest. Arms should be out slightly and angled a bit up towards the chest.

Eye Focus: Look down to the tip of your nose.

Mantra: Sa - Infinity Ta - Life Na - Death, Transformation Ma - Birth


Chant “Sa Ta Na Ma” out loud and press the corresponding fingers to your thumb on each syllable. 

Sa - Press thumb and index finger (brings knowledge) 

Ta - Press thumb and middle finger (brings wisdom and patience) 

Na - Press thumb and ring finger (brings vitality) 

Ma - Press thumb and pinkie finger (brings enhanced communication)

 SA Library of Teachings 

Library of Teachings 

 TA                                                      Library of Teachings

TA                                                      Library of Teachings

 NA                                                      Library of Teachings

NA                                                      Library of Teachings

 MA                                                      Library of teachings

MA                                                      Library of teachings

Your arms should be like the drawing above, across your chest.  These pictures are just to show you the changing fingers for the meditation.

Time: 11 Minutes

To Finish: 

Inhale and suspend your breath, roll your eyes back up and become completely still. Then relax.  (Adapted from KRI and The Mind, Yogi Bhajan)


After I complete the meditation, I will start to journal.  Because the New Year falls on a Full Moon, one of the most powerful ones of 2018, i am going to take extra time with this entry.  I will play  THIS PLAYLIST  I will write out all of the lessons I learned in 2017.  I'll reflect on what I want to let go of.  I will take the lessons, but leave the habits and stories that no longer serve me.  It is an important time to be letting go of what you no longer need, and moving forward in the direction of the life you want.  This Full Moon i all about letting go of patterns, beliefs ,stories etc that we do not want to carry forward.  When I am finished, I will burn the entry or throw it down the toilet. You can follow my previous post about FULL MOON RITUALS, if you want to read more details for my ritual.  

 I like to take time with letting go on the full moon so,  I will sit with this, and later in the week (3 days after the Full Moon), I will focus on all that I want to bring forward. Of course, I will still be doing my Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya for 40 days, starting today....Stay Tuned later in the week for my intentions post....

If you want to learn more about this Full Moon, head over to  Elephant Journal , they have a great report on this powerful Full Moon.

If you are looking for a little extra help with making 2018 a year beyond your wildest dreams, Book a One on One Session with me! Looking forward to connecting! 



Adaptogens 101 -with recipes

I am often asked about what adaptogens people should be taking, and what do what... So below is a quick easy guide to some of my favorites, and 2 basic recipes for making them...Enjoy!

Adaptogens are a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes and by regulating your adrenal system.  They help you respond to any influence or stressor, normalizing your physiological function through your adrenal system.  They can be herbs, mushrooms, amino acids etc…

There are many different reasons to take them, and people say different things about how to cycle them, taking too much, taking for long term…I suggest, get in the body and do some “MEsearch”. See how you feel and take that into consideration when playing with them. I personally use them like a medicinal pantry.  When I am feeling like I need a little energy I will grab for ones like Rhodiola and Maca .  If I am feeling stressed and anxious, I will work with Ashwagandha and Mucuna Pruriens.

Below is just a few quick notes on some of my favorites..  They all are anti inflammatory and have immunity boosting effects, amongst many other things not listed.  Ones that aren't in the recipes, but I love as well are Pine Pollen and Astragulus

Ashwagandha- reduces stress and anxiety, decreases cortisol (Cortisol is the principle hormone tied to our innate “flight-or-fight” response, which is how the body reacts to acute stress by either helping us run from the situation or stick around and fight our way through. When short spikes in cortisol/adrenaline happen over and over again nearly every day, they cause wear and tear on the body and speed up the aging process. (Dr. Axe).  This is my go to. I will often take it at night, where for me my anxiety can rise.  Often people take it in the morning when cortisol is at its highest.  The taste can be a little bitter.

Astragulus A great one for metabolism and general energy.  I will sometimes swap this out for other things in my morning tonic.

Cordycepshelps with energy, in both the physical and mental planes.  Boosts immunity and arousal.  I love this one before a work out. It helps with stamina and energy. It is also known to be some what of an aphrodisiac. It doesn't have much of a taste, so it it easy to sneak into things.

 Maca- Definitely my favorite of all, and the one I have been taking the longest.  It gives energy and stamina, helps with fertility and sexual arousal, and balances hormones. It also tastes delicious and creamy, slightly sweet. 

Mucuna Pruriens- is 15% L-DOPA,  a precursor to Dopamine. This is a mood enhancer.  It soothes the nervous system and can take you into relaxation and bliss. It is known as a "feel good" adaptogen.  I am very sensitive to this one, and can feel a bit "out of it", so I tread very lightly with it.  Again, you have to see how you feel, in your body...

Pine Pollen great for hormonal support and energy.  I will sometimes sub this one out for something else in my morning tonic.  It has a mild taste, which is nice.

Rhodiola Rosea- This one is almost always in my morning drink.  It reduces fatigue, can help with focus, improve cognition. I feel like it gives me an extra boost.  It does not taste good, but in the right recipe you don't notice...

Reshi This is a huge immunity booster and known to help connect to spirit and calmness, centeredness, balance, inner awareness and inner strength. It is actually the first adaptogen I would have back when I was living in Venice and working at Rawvolution.  I loved it from the beginning.  It helps to make me feel connected...

Tocos- The beauty one. It is all about the skin. Bio available form of vitamin E.  Tastes great, sweet. I will eat it straight, and it feels like a treat! 



These are all warm tonics, but you can easily add any of them to smoothies as well.  Tocos is the only one you do not want to add to something warm. The benefits of Tocos are minimized if you heat it.

Also, play around with the recipes and what herbs feel good to  you! I would start slow and see how you feel! 


My Morning Tonic

2 shots of Organic espresso (You can substitute this for Matcha, Tea, or Water)

8 oz of warm water

½ teaspoon Rhodlola

½ teas spoon Cordyceps


1 teaspoon of Maca

½ teaspoon of Cinnamon

½ teaspoon of Ghee or Coconut Butter

Put the warm liquid in first. It should be tea temperature. Warm to the touch, not scolding.  Blend.  If you don’t drink coffee you can sub out  it out for plain water, matcha, or tea… To make vegan, swap out Ghee for Coconut oil.

My Evening Bliss

10-12 oz of  warm water

½ teaspoon Reishi

½ teaspoon Ashwagandha

½ teas spoon Mucuna Pruriens

½ teaspoon of Cinnamon

½ teaspoon of Ghee or Coconut Butter


Put the warm liquid in first. It should be tea temperature. Warm to the touch, not scolding.  Blend.  To make vegan, swap out Ghee for Coconut Butter


Drop me a line, and let me know what you think!


New Moon Ritual


Please note, while it is great to do this with the New Moon, you can really start ANYTIME, so don't make excuses why you can't start TODAY!

To follow up to my FULL MOON RITUAL POST, I thought you might be curious what I what I am doing for this NEW MOON.  I am not an astrologer by any stretch, but I love connecting with the moon cycles and try not to make it too complicated.  The truth is, you don't have to have any connection to the moon to enjoy these rituals.  At the very least, it is a nice reminder every few weeks to check in on what you want to bring in and what you want to let go of..


Again, I'm going to start by creating a sacred space.  For me, that is by my Altar, with all my crystals, which many of you might have already seen on this Instagram Post .  I will light incense and a candle and  play:

 Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for  A Wild Dove

Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for A Wild Dove


New Moon Playlist

The first Mantra (Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo) is for tuning in.  Connecting to your highest self and the line of teachers that have come before you.  Tapping into your divine flow...I will sit quiet with my eyes closed listening, taking long deep breaths.  Getting quiet. Going in...When it feels ready, I will begin...

This is our last New moon of the year, so we want to take time with it.  The new moons are often associated with new beginnings.  It is a great time to think about the things you want to bring into your life.  The things you want to focus on.  In this particular New Moon, you can also focus on what you has been holding you back and then letting that go.  What obstacles have you encountered and how can you see a way around them.  

With your crystals, candle and incense lit, start journaling, while listen to the Play List .  Take your time.  Reflect.  Think about what has been standing in your way, and see yourself moving it.  Then start focusing on all that you want to bring in.  You can do this is any way that feels comfortable. This can be lists, descriptions, anything that gets you into the feeling of what you want to bring forth.   Get excited about all that is coming.

 When you are done, take out your Palo Santo or Sage and start cleansing yourself and your crystals. I start with myself and the move onto my crystals,  Starting  at my feet and swirling in the smoke.  Releasing it all.  Chanting along with the third song:

Har Har Har Har Gobinde is the mantra of the second and third song.  This Mantra is said to fixe the mind to prosperity and gives power to break down barriers of the past. It converts fear to determination and invokes guidance. (source 3HO)

 "This mantra is to fix the mental to prosperity or power. It will produce money, it will come. Opportunities will come. Richness will come..." - Yogi Bhajan  This isn't just about money, it is whatever it is that you are asking to call in.  
"When you chant this mantra with the breath of life, it's quick, it's purposeful, and it brings in what you need to bring in..." - Yogi Bhajan

Complete Mantra:

Har Har Har Har Gobinday, 
Har Har Har Har Mukunday
Har Har Har Har Udaaray
Har Har Har Har Apaaray
Har Har Har Har Hariang
Har Har Har Har Kariang
Har Har Har Har Nir-naamay
Har Har Har Har Akaamay

Repeating it along with the song as you let the smoke cover your energy.  Feel the blessing of letting things that don't serve you go, and then feeling all that you can be. End at the crown , above the head.

When I am done, I place my crystals out in the moon light. I  like to let my crystals  sit out for a minimum of 24 hours…When you take them back in, they will have the power of your intentions.

Above, is just what I do, but feel free to tweak it and make it your own.  Tap into what feels good for you. 

Please note, the energy of the new moon is not just on the actual new moon, so if you can't do it tonight, don't you fret, you have 3 days before and after...

Enjoy...Drop me a line and let me know, how it went. I would  love to hear from you! 



Interview with A Wild Dove: Being Mindful During the Holidays

Written by A Wild Dove | Photographed by Caitlin Mitchell

 Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for  A Wild Dove

Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for A Wild Dove

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, our lives are basically a cluster-you-know-what of holiday events - with what feels like 20 different dinners, lunches, brunches and drinks in a given week. We know that holiday dining (and drinking) every day and night wreaks havoc on our skin, body and mood. And it’s even more intense for our kids, whose stockings become stuffed with cookies, chocolates and treats. So we checked in with life coach Jamie Graber, who shares her tips on how to survive the most festive  time of year and avoid falling into a destructive cycle that will have you feeling like holiday roadkill come January 1. Her advice below...

1. Jamie, please help us! How can we keep the holidays healthy for kids and parents alike?

One thing I advise for most people and myself is the “crowding out” theory. We don’t have to tell ourselves that we won’t have this or that. But we should make sure we’re filling up with healthy things, like vegetables and salad. So by the time the dessert rolls around, which is often a place where destruction can happen, we’re already full. So when you do have dessert, it’s small but that’s enough. Some people will fast until the big meal and then you get ravenous and you end up eating all the stuff. Eat throughout the day. Crowd in all the healthy food. It sets you up to have a taste. And you should have a taste! Enjoy it. It’s a holiday. It’s a beautiful time to be with family and enjoying connection. You don’t want to be in place where you’re saying no and associating food with the bad. So allow for it and allow for it mildly. And drink water. So again you’re filling up.

 Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for  A Wild Dove

Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for A Wild Dove


2. Totally makes total sense. Can you share any hacks to avoid falling victim to every treat that crosses our path?

Water and filling up with healthy stuff. I also highly recommend meditating and working out over the holidays. The mindset to how you start the day snowballs and builds momentum. The better you care for your body, the less likely you’ll be to throw trash in it. Your body is a temple. Be more connected and have more understanding of what enjoyment feels without shaming it. Eat something if it will make you feel good. And move your body or meditate. There is something about taking care of the physical body in the mind and starting the day off in a good way.

 Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for  A Wild Dove

Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for A Wild Dove


3. Let’s talk post-holiday. What are some tips you can impart on getting back into normal habits and routines after the holiday, for mamas AND kids?

Often what happens is these habits snowball. They say the largest amount of weight gain happens from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. And it doesn’t have to be like that. There are ways to recognize. So if I go heavier today, I’ll go lighter tomorrow. For example, today was Thanksgiving and I had all the things and I enjoyed them. Tomorrow I will be a bit cleaner. Personally,  I’ll do liquids for the next day until dinner so I don’t start the rollercoaster. If I can catch myself quickly, I won’t go down the rabbit hole. So the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas, I’ll make sure I do all liquids until dinner and stay plant-based for that day. So you’re helping your body as much as possible. Your body is tired from digesting. So give your body more energy. Drink smoothies, enjoy some soups, and be plant-based at night. And go back to your normal ways the next day.

4. Talk to us about boozing during the holiday. Any hard and fast rules for managing intake?

As long as you have a healthy relationship with alcohol, by all means enjoy! Clear liquids and mixers are best. Part of what happens is that sugar makes a hangover worse. Any clear is better. Have vodka with lemon juice or sparkling soda. Wine is clean and simple too. Just be mindful. Have a glass and then a glass of water. Pace yourself. Or add sparkling water to make wine lighter. So one drink is split into two drinks. And before bed, drink tons of water. Also add minerals to your water when you go to bed and make sure you’re taking probiotics, especially during the holidays. They will be your friend. 

 Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for  A Wild Dove

Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for A Wild Dove

I live by Probiotics and Magnesium. They are important for healthy gut and digestion.  They help to restore and regulate healthy bacteria in the gut.  I love Prescript Assist  because it is shelf stable and powerful.  I take it every morning, on an empty stomach. Magnesium helps to calm the nervous system and it helps with sleep and digestion.  For people who have problems with regularity, this is a great non-habit forming addition to the night time routines. It is calming for the body, and helps with allowing it to release.


5. Got it , these are already in our cart. Lastly, for those of us with packed schedules, how can we best treat food/alcohol/sugar hangovers when we have back-to-back events?

Do some meditation in the morning. It sets you up for success and a good day so you can feel good about yourself. When we feel good about ourselves, we’re not as inclined to make decisions to make us feel badly. Enjoy the cake. But don’t eat the entire cake. And all you need is three bites. The first bite is confusion. The second bite, your mind figures it out. By the third bite, you’re bored. Think of all the things went into making it - the farmers, the cooks. Everyone. Enjoy it and savor it. If you do have a bad one night, go liquid the next day until dinner. Have smoothies and savory soups. There is great oil and fat in them. Get back in the body. It’s not about a six day cleanse because that starts to cycle into binge and restriction. It’s about letting the body rest and digest. 

 Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for  A Wild Dove

Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for A Wild Dove


Check out the recipe for Jamie’s favorite evening healing tonic that you can sip on after a long day-to-night holiday hustle... 

 Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for  A Wild Dove

Photo by Caitlin Mitchell for A Wild Dove



Put the warm liquid in first. It should be tea temperature. Warm to the touch, not scolding. Blend. 


Full Moon Ritual

The Full Moon is the perfect time for reflection.   Go in and go in deep...Release. 

 Photo by Tony Detroit

Photo by Tony Detroit

Please note, while it is great to do this with the Full Moon, you can really start ANYTIME, so don't make excuses why you can't start TODAY!


I am often asked what my rituals are around the Full and New Moons are,  and so I thought I would quickly share what I will be doing on this Full Moon.

I'm going to start by creating a sacred space.  For me, that is by my Altar, with all my crystals, which many of you might have already seen on this Instagram Post .  I will light incense and a candle and  play:

Aad Guray Nameh : LISTEN HERE

It is a very powerful mantra used for protection, to gain clarity, and to receive guidance from one’s highest Self. This mantra creates a protective field of energy around the person chanting, attracting abundance to them helping them live out their destiny.  

“When you cannot be protected, this mantra shall protect you. When things stop, and won’t move, this makes them move in your direction." Yogi Bhajan


Mercury is going into retrograde at the same time as this full moon.  It is a perfect time to slow down, and reflect and see what the past year has been like for you. This is the last full moon of the year, so really reflect on it. Bringing up all the things… Really sit with it.  Take time with it.  Let the stuff come up.  It is ok,  play thru the year,  get angry,  get mad,  get sad…whatever you need. Listen to the song above,  and almost like a meditation, journal out all of your feelings, … The Full moon is when things are illuminated and you can see the lessons of what you have gone through.  If we want to stop repeating our lessons of the past, we have to reflect on them.  Look for the lessons that you’ve learned from the things you want to let go of.

Your crystals and a candle should be out while you are doing all of this.  Then when you are ready, take each crystal and sage it  Let the smoke move all around it. While you are saging, tap into the feeling of how good it will be to let these old stories go.  How great would it be to not have to carry that old pain around with you.  Feel yourself letting go of the things that are no longer serving you. When you are done, place your crystals outside, if possible under the moonlight.  If not, then by a window…

When you are done, start saging yourself.  Start at your feet and swirl in the smoke of the sage.  Releasing it all.  Possibly saying out loud to yourself: 

I am releasing the pain of the past, I am releasing the pain of the past, I am releasing the pain of the past. Repeating it slowly and feeling yourself release as you let the smoke cover your energy.  End at the crown , above the head.

Now, some people will burn the journal entry, some will rip it up and soak it in water, some people flush it, and some people keep it.  Do what feels best for you...I will be burning mine(be very careful if you choose this one)...

Full Moon.PNG


I like to let my crystals  sit out for a minimum of 24 hours…When you take them back in, they will have the power of you letting go.  They will have released what you put into them.  

Above, is just what I do, but feel free to tweak it and make it your own.  Tap into what feels good for you. 

Please note, the energy of the full moon is not just on the actual full moon, so if you can't do it tonight, don't you fret, you have 3 days before and after...

Enjoy...Drop me a line and let me know, how it went. I would  love to hear from you! 

Kundulini Kriya for Digestion with Audio Track

Kundulini Kriya for Digestion

On the audio file, there will be music and I full be calling out all the cues and when to switch.  It  starts with TUNING IN and then the WARM UP

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 3 times

I bow to the Creative Wisdom, I bow to the Divine Teacher within

Ad Guray Nameh Jugad Guray Nameh Sat Guray Nameh Siri Guru Devay Nameh 3 times

I bow to the primal wisdom. I bow to the wisdom through the ages.

I bow to the true wisdom.I bow to the great unseen wisdom.

Then a 3 minute WARM UP of cat cow going as fast as you can.  This is good to lubricate the spine, and move the energy.  It adjusts the spine, strengthens the nervous and reproductive systems, and brings the emotions into balance. It also helps to move energy up the spine to the upper Chakras to enhance meditation. It is one of the most common things to do during morning mediation, to wake up your spine and your Kundalini energy, for vitality all day long.

MANTRA Mentally Inhale SAT Exhale NAM at the end, inhale hold stretching the chest up, exhale, round the back. Go to child's pose, far head and arms on the mat, hands in prayer pose stretched above the head


EYES Closed, focusing on the brow pint, (Third eye)

The cat cow is not part of the mediation, but a nice way to warm up. I will also call out when it is time to change.  Please feel free to email with any questions.

  • Healthy Bowel System

These exercises work on the bowel system. Normally when one is becoming sick the bowel movements serve as an early indicator. It is suggested to do these exercises for 30 minutes a day for good health. We are doing the entire set 1 time, including the tuning in, warm up and 10 minute relaxation. It is just under 30 minutes.  If you just want to do the set you can, and it will take about 11 minutes.  Just skip to the part of the audio file you want…If you want to do the long version of JUST the set(30 MINUTES), you would repeat the Healthy Bowel Set 3 times, only doing the deep relaxation at the end, once.

On the audio file, I will be calling out all the cues and letting you now when to switch.

Keep head neutral in the forward bend. The head does not turn to look at the upper hand.



Healthybowel 3.jpg


1.   Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

2.   Bring the arms straight out to the sides parallel to ground, palms down.

3.   Twist to the left and then bend forward from the waist, bringing the right hand to the left foot and the left arm straight up in back.

4.   Reverse the motion as you come up.

5.   Continue moving up and down in a rhythm of about 10 seconds per cycle. (1 minute)

6.   Now switch to the right side and continue moving up and down in a rhythm of about 10 seconds per cycle. (1 minute)

7.   Continue the same motion but alternating left right and pausing for 5 seconds as the hand touches the foot. (3 minutes)

8.   Continue the same alternating motion, but pause for 25 seconds as the hand touches each foot. (2 minutes)

9.   Now hold position touching the foot on left side. (2 minutes)

10.     Now hold position touching the foot on left side. (2 minutes)

RELAXATION (lying down, eyes closed 2 minutes





1.      Come standing up, with legs hip width apart, arms parallel to floor and palms down.

2.    Bend to the side from the waist, letting the left arm come down the left side as the right arm comes up. Keep the right arm straight.

3.    Come back to original position.

4.    Then stretch down to the right side and return to original position.

5.    6 seconds per side. (1 Minute)




1      Start in the position of the previous exercise.

2      Inhale as you twist the torso and arms all the way to the left, exhale back to original position, then inhale as you twist on around to the right and exhale back to the center always keeping the arms in a straight line with each other. 2 to 3 seconds per complete cycle.(1 minute)



Kriya and photographs adapted from The Library of Teachings and KRI Teachers Manual 

Kundulini Meditation: Sobagh Kriya: Invoking the Wealth of The Universe with Audio Track


Sobagh Kriya: Invoking the Wealth of The Universe

This is a five-part kriya. Each part must be practiced for an equal amount of time, either 3 minutes or 11 minutes. Do not exceed 11 minutes. Only Meditation #1 can be practiced on its own, separately from the other exercises. Practice this for 40 days and do not miss a day.

The audio file, includes music and the cues for when to switch meditations...Enjoy! 


The audio file starts with TUNING IN

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 3 times

I bow to the Creative Wisdom, I bow to the Divine Teacher within

Ad Guray Nameh Jugad Guray Nameh Sat Guray Nameh Siri Guru Devay Nameh 3 times

I bow to the primal wisdom. I bow to the wisdom through the ages.

I bow to the true wisdom.I bow to the great unseen wisdom.

Then a 3 minute WARM UP of cat cow going as fast as you can.  This is good to lubricate the spine, and move the energy.  It adjusts the spine, strengthens the nervous and reproductive systems, and brings the emotions into balance. It also helps to move energy up the spine to the upper Chakras to enhance meditation. It is one of the most common things to do during morning mediation, to wake up your spine and your Kundalini energy, for vitality all day long.

MANTRA Mentally Inhale SAT Exhale NAM at the end, inhale hold stretching the chest up, exhale, round the back. Go to child's pose, far head and arms on the mat, hands in prayer pose stretched above the head


EYES Closed, focusing on the brow pint, (Third eye)

The cat cow is not part of the mediation, but a nice way to warm up. I will also call out when it is time to change.  Please feel free to email with any questions.

Meditation #1 (3 Minutes)

Mantra: Har (out loud)

Movement: Alternate hitting the sides of hands together at the level of the heart center. Thumbs cross below the hands, with the right thumb under the left.) 


Eyes: should be nine-tenths dosed, focusing on the tip of the nose.

 Picture Source 3HO

Picture Source 3HO


Meditation #2 (3 Minutes)

Mantra: Har (mentally)

Movement: Stretch your arms up sixty degrees. Open your fingers, spreading them widely. The fingers have to be totally hard, cross your arms alternating right over left and then left over right, still keeping the fingers stretched open. 

EYES Closed, focusing on the brow pint, (Third eye)

 Picture Source 3HO

Picture Source 3HO

 Picture Source 3HO

Picture Source 3HO

Meditation #3 (3 Minutes)

MANTRA Now this is an English mantra. The word "God" has three letters: "G," which generates; "O," which organizes; and "D," which delivers and destroys. When "God" is chanted from here (points to his navel point), then God can hear

MOVEMENT Watch. You know this id, the thumb? Put them both in your fists and press as hard as you can, like you are going to squeeze the blood out of them. Press, press, press hard. Arms at sixty degrees. Move the arms in small backward circles. Press the id. Press, press, press hard. With each circle you make of your arms chant "God." Chant "God" powerfully from the navel.


EYES Closed, focusing on the brow pint, (Third eye)

 Picture Source 3HO

Picture Source 3HO

Meditation #4 (3 Minutes)

MANTRA Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru. The mantra is a sound current through the tongue and upper palate. Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru (Wahe is pronounced  "wa-hay"). Continue chanting in a low monotone.


MOVEMENT The right hand goes up and the left hand goes down; palms facing the body; hand cross each other.)  Right hand closer to your body.


EYES Closed, focusing on the brow pint, (Third eye

 Picture Source KRI

Picture Source KRI

Meditation #5 (3 Minutes)


MOVEMENT AND BREATH Put your arms at shoulder level, left hand under, right over. Breathe long and deep. Don't let the hands fall. They should be parallel to the ground; that' the law. Keep your spine straight; sit correctly. Do nothing; just breathe one breath a minute: 20 seconds to inhale, 20 seconds to hold, 20 seconds to exhale. If you can’t do 20, 20, 20, then do 10, 10 10 or 5, 5 5.

EYES Closed, focusing on the brow pint, (Third eye)

 Picture Source 3HO

Picture Source 3HO


This is a complete set. It is called Sobagh Kriya.

“If there is a misfortune written by the will of God, by doing this set you will make it into good fortune. I'm not saying "man-made." I'm saying if God Himself has written that you shall live under misfortune, by doing Sobagh Kriya you can tum your misfortune into prosperity, good fortune, and good luck.” Yogi Bhajan

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

All information adapted from 3HO and KRI




What do you do when your “dream job” turns out to be a nightmare? Jamie Graber tells Ruby Warrington how she finally realized it was okay to just walk away …



When Jamie Graber launched Gingersnaps Organic, the NYC restaurant and juice bar that became a favorite of raw foodies, celebrities and media alike, it felt like her dharma. Born and raised in NY, she felt it was working for Rawvolution on the West Coast that had helped her heal from a collage eating disorder, and finally develop a healthy relationship with food. Now she was helping others learn about the healing joy of food, too.

As a venue for regular high-vibe events (like Jamie’s weekly salons on the teachings from A Course in Miracles), her business also became a place to curate a community of like-minded seekers, while a move to a chichi West Village location in 2015 sent the signal that business was booming. A book, Juice It, Blend It, Live It, published later that year, cemented Jamie’s position as a leading figurehead of New York’s healthy eating scene.

So when she made the snap decision to shut up shop this summer, friends and industry figures alike were left reeling. What business disaster or personal tragedy could be behind her sudden move?

In reality, it had been a long time coming—even if Jamie herself didn’t see it. On the surface, she had built a life and a career that looked like a dream come true. Behind the scenes however, the relentless daily grind of managing a restaurant business had left her strung out, back in her eating disorder, and feeling like a prisoner in her own life. And yet, “I never even entertained the idea that I could just walk away.”

Sitting down to chat about her transition to a full-time coaching business this fall, she told me how: “part of the problem was that Gingersnaps had become my identity. Closing it would mean starting over, on every level.” Because where do you go, when the career you thought was everything you wanted, turns out to be the opposite?



Outside Gingersnaps East Village location

I found myself asking this question before I left my “dream job” on the Sunday Times Style magazine in the UK. And I’ve also found myself asking it since creating The Numinous, at times when my passion project has begun to feel more like a ball and chain. My point being that co-creating (with the Universe) a career that truly lights you up is a constant work in progress. Not to mention a privilege that deserves your full commitment.

As our own lives and needs shift, so will the work we find inspiring. And as we grow and develop as individuals, so will what we have to offer. When it comes to our profession, this will likely require multiple course-corrections as we seek to stay true to our path—even if it means “giving up” things we feel we’ve worked so hard for.

For anybody facing a similar career-crisis, Jamie’s story brings up several key areas for some honest self-enquiry. Read on if you’re ready to quit hitting snooze on living the life of your dreams—you owe it to yourself and those you seek to serve …


“Looking back, I can see how I created a business where I wasn’t feeling powerful, because I didn’t actually want to be making food. Could I make the food? Absolutely. But I am not a chef. I’m amazing at tonics, I’m amazing at smoothies. But what people wanted to order at my restaurant was not necessarily that. What Gingersnaps was known for was not really what I wanted to be doing.”

“And then the eating stuff came back. In 2016 I had a book out, and it was all juices and smoothies. Writing it meant I gave myself the excuse to go on all liquids, because I had to recipe test. That summer, that is all I had. I probably lost 20 lbs. Eating disorders are all about control, and I felt completely out of control at Gingersnaps. So I chose to control my diet instead.”

“I met my coach, Lacy Phillips from Free and Native, at a lecture. She wasn’t all sparkles. She talked a little bit about the darkness, and I liked that. In our first session, she asked me, ‘Who is your seeing is believing?’ And I told her ‘No-one.’ She asked again, ‘So you don’t see anyone doing what you’re doing that you can aspire to be like? Amanda from Moon Juice? Marcus from Juice Press?’ Again, I told her, ‘No.’ I realized that what I was doing did not exist as my dream job.”

“So I wrote a list. What is it that lights me up? What is it that makes me happy? And then I wrote another list of the things I was doing every day. And it became very, very clear to me, that these were two completely different lists. That even in my best-case scenario, even on my very best days at Gingersnaps, this was still was not it. When Lacy asked me, ‘so what if Gingersnaps is not it?’ I realized for the first time I could actually just walk away. It felt like a 50lb weight had been lifted from my chest.”



“When I told my landlord, he offered me a 50 per cent rent reduction for six months. For a restaurant in New York’s West Village, that is a substantial amount of money! I could have taken this as a sign to stay, but actually it meant nothing to me, because it wasn’t about the money. I realized I wasn’t doing it for the money—and that wasn’t even important to me. It was when it became a really solid no.”

“Part of the problem was, Gingersnaps had become my identity. Lots of celebrities were doing our cleanses, and as the owner of Gingersnaps I got invited to everything, you know? I was going to have to deal with the fact that I would have to start over, in a sense. I had to really wrap my head around the idea that I no longer had an answer to, ‘so, what do you do?’”

“One thing I did enjoy on list of daily tasks, was talking to the customers. It would wind up coaching them, and I loved seeing the change I could have on people. That I could get them to see things differently. Ironically, food was rarely part of those conversations. I think what I really wanted was a community, and a learning space. After all, I was a philosophy major at college. Clearly, this was where I was supposed to be going.”

“I actually have a lot of guilt now, because the work I do doesn’t feel like work. We live in this paradigm where work and play are separate, which reinforces the subconscious belief that we’re not supposed to ‘enjoy’ our work. My husband reminds me that the fact my work no longer feels like work is because I’ve finally aligned with what I’m supposed to be doing. And I think that’s so important. Really recognizing that our work can absolutely be something we truly love to do.”

A Certified Reiki Healer, Certified Yoga instructor, Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie Coach and Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) graduate, Jamie now works with clients on a one-to-one basis. Discover more about her and her work at

Finding Beauty in Comparison Through Meditation

Comparison Doesn't Have To Be Bad

Last weekend, I got up on stage to lead a Kundalini meditation session. This was at one of Gabby Bernstein’s retreats, and I felt so blessed to be in that opportunity and in that space.

But there was a moment where I looked around the room and was blown away by the people that were there. Powerful women and men. They were beautiful women, strong people, successful people., vulnerable people..

And in that moment, I noticed that voice of comparison in the back of my mind.

You’ve been there, right? You see an incredible person, and you can’t help but wonder how you measure up. You can’t stop yourself from making those numbing comparisons: how close—? how far—? how much more—? how much less—?

So, in that moment, as I felt the lights on the stage and that gnawing in my stomach…

I had a choice.

The Comparison Options

Option one. Would I enter reaction mode? Would I allow my brain to become an echo chamber of negativity? Would I let my thoughts spiral into self-criticism, judgment, jealousy, pride...?

Option two. Could I allow my mind to notice the incredible people in the room within needing to react? Could I find inspiration in another human’s power and success? Could I recognize, breathe, and release?

You face these same options every day—when you’re scrolling through Instagram, stepping into a big meeting, or just walking down a crowded street.

We’ve all felt that sinking feeling after scrolling through a curated feed, or running into an old friend who seems to have it all together, right?

But too often we don’t allow ourselves to sit in the moment and embrace that beautiful choice, that second option. Instead, we either spiral into doubt or stuff our feelings and force out our comparative instincts.

There’s a problem with that, though.

You see, your brain is wired to make comparisons and identify differences—there’s no way to turn your instincts off.

In fact, according to Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer, psychologists and authors of Friend and Foe: When to Cooperate, When to Compete, and How to Succeed at Both, “social comparison is an innate human tendency.”

Our challenge isn’t to remake our brains. Our challenge is to look within ourselves, to find out how to work with our bodies, embrace our natural tendencies, and find joy anyway.

You can’t shut comparison out, but you can learn how to live in alignment and acceptance—embracing the light side of comparison instead of allowing it to steal your joy.

Three lovely practices have supported me in my personal journey towards finding inspiration, self-love, and confidence in moments of comparison.

The first is the idea of seeing others as “expanders,” and this concept was first introduced to me by Lacy Phillips, of Free and Native.

Expanders are the people or the stories that transcend, and inspire, and enlighten you. On your more insecure days, they might trigger feelings of jealousy, inferiority, or resentment.

But Lacy encourages us to see them as “mirrors of our capacity and capability.” Instead of seeing someone else’s brilliance and feeling threatened, we can choose to harness and celebrate their energy, power, and brightness. We can see them as possibilities.

Beautiful, right?

The second helpful practice is simple: speak your feelings. When you find yourself in a downward spiral of comparison and judgment, step back for a moment.

Release your guilt (your brain can’t help but make comparisons, so give yourself a little grace).

Acknowledge the fact that you’re trapped in a space of negative comparison (again, it’s normal and that’s okay).

And, finally, harness the power of verbalizing your feelings.

I’m jealous. I’m angry. I’m afraid.

Her success makes me feel anxious. His charisma makes me feel powerless. I feel insecure because of her sensuality. I feel resentful of his privilege.

Instead of judging your tendency to compare, voice your feelings and then release them. , Choose forward action, and allow that comparative experience to fuel you to make changes to your current situation or sink deeper into gratitude.

This practice of voicing your feelings awakens your self-compassion and frees up your logical mind to give you a bit of space and perspective. Win-win, right?

Last and probably most important to me, my daily meditation practices bring peace, groundedness, and calm to my (sometimes anxious) mind. It helps me to stop and witness what is happening instead of just jumping into reaction, which is often fueled by fear.

Let me walk you through the ritual that works for me.

I practice transcendental meditation in bed, right when I wake up. For me, it’s so important to meditate first thing in the morning.

Meditation gives me a moment of quiet and inward focus, and helps me ease from sleep into action. Most importantly, it keeps me from slipping into reaction mode—the mindset that triggers negative comparison cycles. It gives me the ability to pause.

At some point during the day, it varies due to my schedule, I go into my other room for an at home  Kundalini class and then meditation.  I give myself a lot of time and space for meditating, because it is so important for my mental health. I didn’t realize how important meditation is for my mental balance until I skipped transcendental meditation for a few days. My mind was so much louder, so much more reactionary and unfocused.

Meditation gives me extra space, grace, and pause. When I encounter something (or someone) that could trigger self-judgment and negative comparison, I’m able to notice my feelings and stay out of knee-jerk reaction mode.

I’m able to take a step back and find gratefulness or inspiration in slow, logical, gentle thoughts. I’m not as rushed.

Since meditation has been such a powerful gift for me in this area, I want to share a Kundalini meditation with you today.

Go through this every morning to set the tone for your day, bring slowness and peace into your thoughts, and protect yourself from reactionary thinking. Or, practice in the evening to release the worries of the day.

 Photo Courtesy of The Library of Teachings 

Photo Courtesy of The Library of Teachings 

“In your life there will be good days and bad days, normal days and abnormal days, right days and wrong days, but you must understand that every day has to be followed by a night and every life has to end. Don’t waste your life in reactions. ” Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Meditation for Perspective and Emotional Balance:

Adapted from : KRI International Teacher Training Manual

 This is a great PLAYLIST for the meditation, or just to have playing in your home, your car or walking around to help you feel grounded and peaceful. 


  1. Repeat "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo" three times: I bow to the Creative Wisdom, I bow to the Divine Teacher within. I bow to the golden chain of teachers who have come before me.

  2. Repeat "Ad Guray Nameh Jugad Guray Nameh Sat Guray Nameh Siri Guru Devay Nameh" three times: I bow to the primal wisdom. I bow to the wisdom through the ages. I bow to the true wisdom. I bow to the great unseen wisdom.


       MOVEMENT  For three minutes, move through cat-cow as fast as you can. This works to lubricate the spine and move your                  energy. It adjusts your spine, strengthens your nervous system and reproductive system, and brings your emotions into balance.          It also helps to move energy up the spine to the upper Chakras to enhance meditation and bring vitality all day long.  After the 3          minutes, Inhale and hold, stretching the chest up, then exhale and round the back go to child's pose, far head and arms on the            mat, hands in prayer pose stretched above the head.

        MANTRA mentally inhale “SAT,” and exhale “NAM.” After the end, i

        EYES closed, focusing in on the brow point, the third eye.



  1. Sit in an easy pose

  2. Have a light jalandhar bandh

    1. Sit comfortably with a straight spine.

    2. Lift your chest and sternum upward.

    3. Stretch the back of your neck gently straight by pulling the chin toward the back of the neck.

    4. Keep your head level and centered without tilting forward or to either side.

    5. Keep the muscles of your face, neck, and throat relaxed. When you apply the neck lock, you allow your neck to be open and maintain its natural structure, which helps you maintain better spinal posture in general. The neck lock also seals the energy that is generated in the upper areas of your brain stem so it becomes easier to focus and meditate.                 

        EYES closed, focusing in on the brow point, the third eye.


  1. Use the right thumb and right pinky finger to close off alternate nostrils.

    1. Close off the right nostril with the right thumb.

    2. Inhale deeply through the left nostril.

    3. When the breath is full, close off the left nostril with the pinky finger, and exhale smoothly through the right nostril.

    4. Keep your breath complete, continuous, and smooth.

  2. Say the mantra "Sat Naam" to focus your concentration. Inhale on "Sat;” exhale on "Naam.” You may also practice this without the mantra.

  3. Hold your left hand extended; thumb meeting your pointer finger.



  1. Inhale, then exhale completely.

  2. Hold the breath out and apply mulbandh.

    1. Mulbandh, the root lock, is a powerful contraction of muscles and stimulation of energies that helps to redirect sexual energy into creativity and healing energy. The root lock is often applied at the end of exercises and meditations to seal the healing and uplifting effects and stabilize your senses. Root lock is a smooth motion that consists of three parts.

    2. To apply mulbandh: Contract the anal sphincter and feel the muscles lift upward and inward.

    3. Keep these muscles contracted and then contract the area around the sex organ. (You will experience a slight lift and rotation inward of the pubic bone that is like trying to stem the flow of urine.)

    4. Contract the lower abdominal muscles and the navel point toward your spine.

  3. Apply these three actions together in a smooth, rapid, and flowing motion.
  4. Relax completely.


Inhaling through the left nostril stimulates the brain's capacity to reset your framework of thinking and feeling, allowing new perspectives. Exhaling through the right nostril relaxes the constant computations and cautions of the brain, which helps to break automatic patterns. Regulating your breath pattern in this way sets a new level of brain functioning which establishes emotional balance and calmness after periods of intense stress or shock.

When you’re just beginning, practice for 3-10 minutes. Extend to 15 minutes to turn this exercise into deep meditation. Practice for 22 minutes to train the mind to use this achieved state as a resource. Meditating with this technique for 31 minutes will cleanse your body and restore the nervous system from the effects of current and past shocks.

Adapted from : KRI International Teacher Training Manual

5 Ways To Stay Committed To Your Goals

committed to goals.png

Years ago, Gingersnap’s Organic, my plant-based cafe in Manhattan, was just a far-fetched dream.

I dreamed of creating healing, vibrant foods. I dreamed of sharing the power of plant-based eating with others. I dreamed of bringing a wholesome, holistic view of health to the people of New York.

But it felt like an impossible dream. It felt too big for me. It felt too far beyond my reach.

You’ve felt this way before, right? Maybe you’re sitting in this feeling right now. Dreaming of leaving your cubicle job. Dreaming of a ‘round-the-world trip. Dreaming of a healthy, strong body. Dreaming of writing your memoir.

Dreaming, but never doing.

Too often, we let our brightest dreams die.

Sometimes, we never even start pursuing our far-off goal, and our bright vision gradually fades. Other times, we leap into action at the first spark of inspiration...only to give up when the work has barely begun.

It’s painful, isn’t it? To hold space a dream inside for years, only to see it never happen? Only to let doubt and distraction kill your passion? Only to fail, again and again and again?

You’re not alone. You’re capable and deserving of reaching your biggest, scariest goal.

Every day, I work with my clients to overcome mental blocks, clear destructive patterns, and bring their dreams into reality.

Here are five tools I give them to help them reach their goals:



Stop holding your goals, your dreams, and your truths in silence. Talk about what you want to create in your life.

There is great power in speaking your goals. Voicing your dreams opens you up to collective support, forward momentum, and unexpected synchronicity.

When I decided to open Gingersnap’s Organic, I started to talk about what I was doing before I even had a plan. These conversations opened into providential connections I never would have imagined.

Through these conversations, I met a realtor (who showed me spaces for the cafe), a New York Times editor (who wrote a publicity feature), and a chef (who helped develop our raw, vegan recipes).

A million connections later, Gingersnap’s was born. Can you imagine what connections you’re missing by keeping your dream in silence?



Right now, the finish line is miles away. Achieving your goal is a long journey, and you need support and encouragement along the way. Don’t try to do this alone.

You need someone who will cheer you on, ask you the hard questions, and be honest with you in the middle of the mess. 

One word of caution: sometimes, it’s safer to choose an accountability person who is a step outside of your inner circle. This gives them objective distance, and protects you from the potential conflict of working with your best friend or partner.  


Don’t get ahead of yourself. You have a long road ahead of you, and you’ll get overwhelmed and discouraged if you try to plan, consider, and accomplish everything at once.

Your next book or your new business won’t be birthed overnight—and my cafe certainly wasn’t!

Allow the process to take time, and focus on one step at a time.

Write a list, in order, of the steps involved, so that you can clear your head. Then, focus one one small goal at a time. And keep your eyes on that one small goal, instead of allowing the stress of all the steps combined to overwhelm you.

For example, if you’re trying to find a new job (which might take months) don’t worry about handing in your two week notice before you’ve rewritten your resume, honed your skills, or applied for a new job.

One step at a time.


Your initial spark of motivation, excitement, and inspiration won’t last forever. Along the way to reaching your goal, there will be many distractions and moments of doubts.

In those moments, you’ll be tempted to abandon the project you were once so excited about.

To push through this resistance, embrace structure and discipline as tools that will help you make your dream a reality.

Structure can take different forms, depending on your personality and your goal—you can set appointments with yourself, schedule “goal” time into your daily calendar, or create rituals that help you stay on track.

For example, if you are trying to be more active, you might schedule four workouts into your weekly calendar. Then, treat these sessions as unbreakable appointments.

Even on days when you’re not feeling well, look for creative ways to honor your commitment. Maybe, instead of an intense workout, you spend that time meditating, taking a bath, or going for a slow walk...anything that keeps you aligned and true to your goal. 

This scheduled time will help you show up and take action, even when you feel like abandoning the ship.  

Remember, The subconscious loves to throw distractions and reasons we can not complete our goals. When you are truly committed to your goals, you find a way to stay on track even during the "chaos" of life.


So, friend, this is where the magic happens. But this is also where the fear shows up for most people. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the hugeness of your goal, stay focused on your smaller priorities along the way.

Center your focus by writing down a few tiny action steps in a special journal every morning. Remember to be realistic and gentle with your expectations.

Writing down these small action steps creates momentum and moves your goal from your headspace into the real world.

Bonus: crossing off your actions steps each day will also lead to feelings of accomplishment—you’re getting shit done!  

If you’re ready to get serious about your biggest dreams + goals, you may want to welcome extra support into your life. Sounds dreamy? Let’s work together to open your perspective and create lasting change.

All of my coaching offerings are completely individualized, which means that there’s an option for you—whether you need energy healing to work through a mental block, intuitive coaching to help you create a detailed action plan, or a safe space to speak freely about your goals without judgment or fear. Click here to find out more.

An Intimate and Personal Conversation with My Dear Friend Nico Tortorella

I wish we could sit down in a quiet cafe and trade stories.

You know that magical feeling of connection when another human looks you in the eyes and speaks their truth to you?

I crave that. (And, since you’re a part of this community, I’m guessing you crave that too.)

But since we can’t do that today, I want to offer you a piece of my story that you probably haven’t heard before.

I’m gonna be honest with you...I almost didn’t post this.

Some of the stuff you’re about to hear is incredibly vulnerable. So vulnerable that it makes me really uncomfortable to invite you into it.

But I’ve learned that the things that make me the most uncomfortable are the things that are most important for me to act on (can anyone else relate to this?).

Anyway, here it is...

My intimate conversation with Nico Tortorella, a past love and a current dear friend, over on The Love Bomb Podcast (Episode 39).

You’ll hear me open up about...

  • the magic of my favorite number

  • the beginning of my eating disorder (and what finally healed me)

  • how I feel when I look in the mirror

  • the many different love relationships I’ve had in my life

  • my biggest heartbreak...and how it opened me to the perfect new life path

  • my views on monogamy, marriage, and passionate friendships

  • why french fries (and other indulgent foods) should be a part of a holistic diet
  • ...and much more


I’d love to invite you to be a part of it. Listen here.



Getting Back On Track After A Vacation

getting back on track organically jamie

Summer is a beautiful time to step away from your normal routine and visit a new city, go on an adventure, or relax by the ocean. Vacations can be the perfect medicine when we’re feeling overworked, stressed, and burnt out. But sometimes, traveling takes a toll on our bodies. Maybe it’s a week of eating out, or a few extra glasses of wine, or one too many late nights.


After taking time off, I struggle to get back into my healthy routines and rituals. This upheaval often leads to a cycle of non-beneficial behavior. I fall into old patterns: not moving my body, not focusing on work that matters to me, not caring for my body with nourishing foods.

This downward spiral can bring me to a place of deep, dark depression.

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories, you may have seen that while traveling I’ve been eating dairy, gluten, and sugar in copious amounts (← the phrase my loving husband uses to describe my intake of foods that my body doesn’t like).

Now, before I continue, I need to make one thing clear…

Having battled a serious eating disorder, I’m grateful to be in a place where I can enjoy unhealthy foods without guilt, fear, or panic. I’m truly thankful that I can live in the moment and enjoy a sweet, sugary pastry without experiencing massive anxiety.

For years, I lived on steamed veggies and pushed my undernourished body to endure hours of workouts every day.

For years, I never consumed bread, butter, desserts, french fries—just seeing those foods filled me with intense fear.

For years, my friends and family stared at me across the dinner table, watching to see what I ordered, or what I ate, or if I was okay.

Today, my relationship with my diet and my body is very different. I embrace a zero-restrictions practice in my approach to food. I’m allowed to eat anything I want to. Food is neither “good” or “bad.”

However, I know that certain types of food make me feel vibrant, energetic, and alive, and I choose to eat more of those ingredients. For example, eating gluten leaves me feeling exhausted and in pain, so I consciously avoid gluten-heavy foods.  

But I’m human...and sometimes I make exceptions.

Vacations are one of those times when I stray outside the bounds of my normal healthy practices, and sometimes that leads to overindulgence.

After a week of less-than-nourishing eating, I’m tempted to slip into these unhealthy rhythms and embrace them as “the new normal.” I get used to consuming sugar and gluten every day. I get used to feeling sluggish, unmotivated, and bloated.

Can you relate?

It’s dangerously easy to fall into negative patterns, and it’s so important to be intentional when you return from a trip filled with booze, late nights, and lots of extra treats.

When I’m returning home, post-vacation, I immediately commit to positive choices and mindful change...beginning the morning after my return.

Here’s how I get back on track (so that I can start feeling alert, vibrant, and recharged again):

  1. Double my water intake. Since hydration is so closely connected to health, I try to practice this while on vacation as well.

  2. Take my daily probiotic. I try to stay consistent with this while traveling too, and, on my first day back, I’ll take a second capsule later in the day. This is the only daily supplement I take, and it makes a huge difference with my digestion—especially when I consume lots of rich foods. My go to probiotic is Prescripts Probiotic.

  3. Practice intermittent fasting. I naturally eat breakfast on the later side, but during a “reset,” I specifically focus on giving my digestive system a break by refraining from eating for sixteen hours (which then gives me eight hours each day to eat my meals). This allows my body to heal and rest, while also helping me to break the cravings that were created by eating foods that aren’t a normal part of my eating habits. Intermittent fasting isn’t a good fit for everyone, so spend some time on research and decide if it’s a healthy practice for you.

  4. Schedule three workouts for the week of my return. For me, this might be a scheduled workout at a boutique gym, a walk-and-talk date with a friend, or an appointment with myself that I refuse to break—focus on choosing workouts that excite and motivate you. I schedule my first workout for the morning after I return, and I often complete this workout on an empty stomach. This might work for you, and it might not. Every body is different.

  5. Consume blended meals for the first day. I like to stick to liquid meals when I’m starting a reset, in order to be gentle with my digestive system while also getting lots of nutrition. As you may now, at Gingersnap’s, we offered a wide variety of cleanses. My favorite was the [GO] Blend, which included healthy amounts of fiber and fats. This was my go-to liquid fuel when I got back from vacations, and I now i use recipes from my book, Juice It, Blend It, Live It: Over 50 Easy Recipes to Energize, Detox, and Nourish Your Mind and Body. As a general guideline, I’ll make five savory blends and one fruit blend on my first day back. 

  6. Get my sweat on. I am in love with infrared saunas (I’ll post more about these soon), but any sauna experience is a great way to jumpstart the detox process and eliminate toxins from your body.

  7. Take a hot bath. I love to create a relaxing, sacred, healing space with Epsom salts, candles, sage, incense, and music. I always bring a big glass of water with me, because, as the toxins are released, I often feel tired and wiped out, and a cool drink of water is rejuvenating.

  8. Read something inspiring. At any given time, you can find me reading a variety of different books. When I’m back from vacation, I usually choose ones that motivate me to get working. So, in the sauna or the bathtub, I’ll often choose an inspiring, motivating text to read. This helps me move out of vacation mode and into a place of taking action.

  9. Gently add whole foods. After a day of eating only blended foods, I begin to add solid foods back into my diet. I keep it light at first and typically maintain a plant-based diet for a few days, making simple, basic meals based on a few wholesome ingredients.

  10. Rest. For the first few days after travel, I avoid making too many plans or setting over-ambitious deadlines. This gives me time to settle in and get grounded without stress, pressure, or anxiety.


If you choose to begin a “reset” practice after a business trip or family vacation, I want you to keep one thing in mind…

None of these practices are based on punishment, deprivation, or restriction. You want to be in a mindset of self-care and self-love, not harsh self-discipline.

I know that my mental and physical health are impacted by my eating choices, and I want to live in a feeling of rested, vibrant energy. I enjoy indulging in a few special treats on vacation, but I know that if I eat that way for too long, it negatively impacts my energy and my health—and I don’t want to accept sluggishness, brain fog, or bloating as “normal.”

At the end of the day, this is about empowering you to create healthy, long-term habits (that support your once-in-a-while indulgences). If  you are looking to take your life to the next level, book a one on one session with Jamie

"Food is an important part of a balanced diet."

Fran Lebowitz

The Detox Everyone Should Be On

how to detox your life blog.png
“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ― Anaïs Nin

We’re all familiar with the idea of detoxing. Maybe you’ve even participated in an official detox process before, cleansing your body with lemon water, raw juices, or a celebrity-endorsed weight-loss tea.

It’s easy to recognize when we need a physical detox. We start to feel bloated, sluggish, or inflamed, in our physical bodies, and we realize it’s time to lay off the morning latte habit or afternoon pastry breaks. It’s time to reorient our eating habits to bring more lightness and energy to our lives.

Some people call me “the Detox Queen.” But they’re not just referring to my love for clean, healthy eating.

You see, here’s my personal philosophy: detoxing–or, quite literally, removing toxins—is relevant in every area of life.

With all of pop culture’s attention on body-centric detoxes that focus on what we are eating or drinking, it’s easy to lose sight of other areas of our life that might need to be cleaned up.

It’s time to get honest, friends.

Let’s talk about the toxic people in our lives—and, more importantly, let’s talk about how to manage the energy we surround ourselves with.

You might be wondering...why do I care so much about this? Here’s my answer: because no amount of juice cleansing is going to take care of the shame, negativity, or anxiety you’re dealing with because of damaging relationships. And emotional trauma will sabotage your physical health no matter how clean you’re eating.

So, let’s take a deep breath. This is important (even if it’s uncomfortable).

Fact: some people live in a constant cycle of negativity, and they can’t help but spread that negative energy through their words and actions. I’m guessing you know some of these people (and you may have been one of these people at one point in your past).

  • Have you noticed that, when you’re with certain people, your sense of confidence is replaced with feelings of inadequacy and fear?

  • Have you noticed that, when you’re with certain people, voices of unworthiness and doubt start to creep into your headspace?

  • Have you noticed that, when you’re with certain people, your heart (or maybe your stomach) begin to feel heavy or guilty?

Imperfect humans (hint: that’s all of us) can introduce toxic voices that are much more damaging than processed sugar or gluten-full carbs.

Another fact: some people bring positivity and wellness to every interaction.

I recognized this from a very young age. My mother had a crew—they called themselves the yayas—and still to this day, over forty years later, they are still each other’s chosen family.  They are the ones on the other end of the phone when congratulations are in order, and they are the ones to sit with when things are difficult and painful.

These are true friends.

True Friends hold space for you to be you. They’re there to show you how to show up. They’re the ones who accept and inspire every aspect of your personality, judgement-free.

You know what I’m talking about, right? Just hashing things out with the right friend can take you from a ten to a three on the anxiety scale, in a matter of moments (just like hashing things out with the wrong person can raise your anxiety through the roof in seconds.)

I was so lucky to spend this a full weekend with my true girl friends, and it really took me to a space of deep gratitude and heartfelt love. They’re the type of friends who call me higher. They help me to dig in deep and to let go of the things that don't serve me.  

Which type of person is most present in your life?

  1. Have you surrounded yourself with inspiring people who support you without trying to fix you, who see you without trying to “save” you, who accept you without trying to change you?
  2. Or are you surrounded by toxic people who, because of where they’re at on their own journeys, aren’t ready to support you, offer you a safe space, or lift you up?

This isn’t about pointing fingers or casting judgement. It’s about taking control of your own energy and emotions, so that you can live into your best self.

So, if you’re tempted to take on a victim mindset or rant about all the toxic people in your life right now, I want you to take a step back. Instead of blaming others for their negative energy and toxicity, choose a path of radical responsibility.

Your happiness is up to you. Your peace is up to you. Your contentment is up to you.

And if that means that you need to bring more boundaries or space into your life, the time is now. This might mean that you’re moving away from certain people in your life, but don’t make it about them. This is about you.

Let’s make this really practical.

You’re in control of your energy and emotions, and one of the ways you can claim control is by intentionally choosing to surround yourself with people who lift you up.

Take a look around you. Step into the feeling of what your different friends bring out of you. Take notice.

  • Are there people that make you question your worth? Who bring an attitude of judgment to the relationship? What would it feel like to let them go? To remove the toxicity from your life?
  • Are there people that inspire you to believe in yourself and your highest calling? Who help you work through your “stuff” and come out on the other side? How would your life change if you spent more time with these safe, supportive people?

If you feel like you can’t let someone go (along with their drama, their judgement, and their negativity), remember that you’re as free as you allow yourself to be.

“Life does not have to constantly be a fight. Nobody gets brownie points for suffering. You can let yourself be happy. It's allowed.” –Allison Fallon

Suffering through toxic relationships won’t bring you any closer to healing or wholeness. It’s okay to cut the cord and choose new relationships that fill your heart with happiness.

This process isn’t easy, and, many times, we need support to go through this process of surrounding ourselves with people who bring the right energy into our lives.

If you’re ready to move towards healthier friendships (and don’t know how to take the first step), I’d love to sit with you and open up a safe space to discuss boundaries, personal responsibility, and the energy you exchange with the people on a daily basis. Schedule a time here.

Relationships are meant to be light-giving and life-giving...I challenge you to embrace that possibility.

How To Overcome Anxiety

For many years, anxiety was a part of my daily reality. I woke up in a panic and went to bed feeling completely drained from stress and fear. It wasn’t necessarily screaming all day, but there was often a quiet whisper of unease.

My anxiety showed up in may areas of my life, from my relationship to food, to my  business. On my best days, it was a slight whisper. And on my worst days, I could barely get out of bed.

I know I’m not alone in this.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), 40 million Americans over the age of 18 are affected by anxiety — roughly 18 percent of the nation’s population.

You’ve probably experienced anxiety too…the sense of uncontrollable, panicked, intense worry. The racing heartbeat, the pressure inside your ribcage, the shortness of breath, the racing of fearful thoughts.

For many of us, anxiety is situational—it’s caused by a circumstance, environment, or person in our life. Recently, for me, it was my work. For you, it might be something else.  Maybe it’s your job. Maybe it’s a social situation. Maybe it's dating. Maybe it’s something that triggers insecurity, like scrolling though social media or dating apps, or going to an event where you won't know a lot of people. No matter what it is, that trigger can feel paralyzing and it's helpful to have tools to get yourself back to a headspace of calm.

Ideally, we could walk away from whatever it is that brings up anxiety in our lives. But sometimes that’s not possible, and necessarily the right thing to do.

When I work with my one-on-one clients, they often share similar experience. It seems as if there’s an area in everyone’s life that brings up anxiety, fear, and dread.  

There are difficult situations in all of our lives—it’s part of the human condition.

You don’t have to wait until your circumstances change for your experience to change.  And while I always encourage people to seek to bring about change so that their lives are not filled with anxiety, it’s crucial to find a way to move through anxiety and choose peace in the midst of your difficult situation.

So, what’s the solution?

Even though I was still stuck in my circumstances, I was ready to let go of anxiety and release it from my life.  I had no choice, I had to get out of bed, I had to show up.  I was lucky, I had a bunch of tools that could help me get out what felt like paralyzing fear and into a state of action. I hope the tools below can help you to get out of the fear and into the action.

Here are some of the ways I reclaimed peace, joy, and light in my life. If you’re ready to take the first step towards reframing your mindset, keep reading.


"Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action." Walter Anderson 

Action is the number one thing I need to do to get myself out of the anxiety. I recognized that as long as I could get out of my head and into some form of action, the fear would start to dissipate. After taking small steps to remove myself from the paralyzing cycle of anxiety and negativity, the attack would minimize. These steps can be so small, but so alleviating.  

These small, first actions aren’t easy, so be gentle as you work on yourself. And in the midst of it all, repeat these words:

Either I grow, or my anxiety grows. It’s my choice.

Below are some of my go-to steps for getting myself out of fear and into action. Some days I use all of them, and some times just one.  All of them, help to take you out of your head and into your body so that you can release the panic and move into action.


When the panic came on, I would immediately feel it in my chest.  At times, it literally felt like I couldn’t breathe, and I knew I had to get control over that.

One of my favorite parts of my yoga teacher trainings was always the breathwork. I noticed that the more attention I put on my breath, the more control I had over my anxiety.  So when the “morning scaries” would start, I’d start incorporating breathwork into my morning ritual and my daily life.

Conscious deep-breathing activates our parasympathetic nervous system and brings our bodies into a state of deep, renewing rest and calm.

So, in the middle of an anxiety attack, conscious breathwork can be the most powerful action you can take.

Here’s one of my favorites breathwork exercises that you can practice on your own:

First, get into a comfortable position, whether lying down or sitting. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly, and begin taking long, slow breaths. Pay attention to the breathe in your body.  Really feeling it coming in on the inhale and letting it out on the exhale.

After a few breath cycles, start counting. Inhale through your nose for five seconds and then exhale through your mouth for the same amount of time.

Focus your attention on filling your belly, then your ribs, and then your chest…then slowly release. Really feel it filling you up, the warmth going through your nose, the fullness of your belly, ribs and chest and then the relief of slowly letting it out through your mouth.

In less than ten minutes, you will begin to enter a headspace of calm, grounded logic.

You can practice this in public as well. Many times, I’ve found a quiet restroom or taken a walk outside while focusing on my breath.  


I have always believed that physical movement is a key part to handling my moods and fears. As early as I can remember I knew: the more I moved my body, the more I experienced peace and lightness. So I began incorporating more movement into my daily life. Studies have shown that regular participation in exercise decreases overall levels of tension, elevates and stabilizes one’s mood, improves sleep, and improves self-esteem.

Ideally, I shoot for one hour of dedicated movement five days a week. This can be riding my bike, yoga, boxing, or anything that feels fun and challenging.  

I also noticed that short spurts of movement can help in the moments that anxiety is actually hitting. When I feel overwhelmed and have to step back, I have been choosing quick bursts of movement in order to move the anxiety out. Even five minutes of aerobic exercise can begin to stimulate anti-anxiety effects.

So, I have found that blasting a high-energy song and either dancing around my apartment, bouncing on my rebounder, or doing jumping jacks can quickly change my mood into a place of joy that lessens the stories of all the worries.

It changes the energy of my body and my head. And while these steps didn’t rid me of anxiety completely, it became an important daily ritual that helped me stay centered, even during stressful situations.


There are times when the anxiety becomes worse, and doing the above just wasn’t enough. The stories of all my inadequacies, and all the worst case scenarios would get so loud that it would feel like forward action wasn’t possible.

In those moments, when my mind began to race with anxious thoughts, I’d pull out my journal. I’d write out all my worries about the future in detail—literally writing out my worst fears. Articulating my panicked thoughts helped me to recognize that most of my fears were completely unfounded and unlikely.

We often are so caught up in the fear of what might happen that we get overwhelmed. We begin to live in the terrible, negative energy of something that hasn’t even happened. This is why it’s so crucial to reframe your thoughts and choose a new perspective. We have the power to see things the way we want to see them. Claim that power.

Journaling was a way to see the craziness that I was thinking and dismiss it more easily.  

By bringing these practices into my life, I was able to get to a place of "knowing" that my anxiety would leave once I got into action. Through breathwork, movement, and journaling, I could get back into my correct mind and accept that the fear I was creating was not real. I could choose to release the weight of anxiety and step into a place of peace.

And that’s my wish for you—that your life would be flooded with peace, even during the most difficult situations that you face.