It's time to clear the obstacles and bring space into your life for change, healing, and action.

When we work together, the first goal is to identify the patterns, blocks, and challenges that are present in your life. No two coaching or energy sessions are the same—each one is different based on what you need in the moment.

This isn't about formulas, blueprints, or checklists—your journey is about finding the unique path towards fullness, wholeness, and alignment.

During our time together, we’ll shift your thought patterns, release the stories that are holding you back from all that you want, and reprogram harmful habits into intentional choices.

This type of deep, healing work is all about clearing and reframing your subconscious that you can create lasting change from the inside out.

Ultimately, I want to empower you to heal from negativity, move towards all that you want to achieve, and create the life that you dream of...and the best part? You already have that power within you.



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"...I had a huge breakthrough in just the hour that we spoke..."

Jamie's wisdom is profound and far beyond her years. We did a session together because I was looking for support with a particular relationship challenge. In the first few minutes I immediately knew I was in good hands. Jamie asked me questions that no one had ever asked before with regard to my current situation, and she got me thinking about this issue in a completely different way. In fact, I felt like I had a huge breakthrough in just the hour that we spoke. I walked away from our session with an entirely new perspective, and the tools to begin making big shifts in this area of my life. Jamie is the life coach you have been waiting for! Her combination of fierce, practical, and intuitive guidance will leave you feeling inspired to take action in your life! 

Nicole Jardim - Women's Health & Functional Nutrition Coach


  • you're looking for guidance and support as you pursue healing in an area of your life, whether emotional, physical, mental, relational, or spiritual.

  • you're ready to claim a new story and live into a new narrative.

  • you feel stuck, but you know that you're sitting in an opportunity for change (relationship change, career change, lifestyle change...).

  • you're in a difficult place and you are seeking a safe, supportive place to be heard, held, and healed.

  • you're ready to clear fear, doubt, and anxiety from your life.

  • you're looking for intuitive guidance, loving empowerment, and practical tools to make a big shift in your life.








explore + open up to change in this first time breakthrough session


During this personalized session we’ll open up space to explore your current challenges and your desired habit shifts. You are free to bring any type of block to this conversation—we can work on relationships, family issues, diet, career difficulties, or anything else that is holding you back from stepping into the flow + power of change.

I’ll help you identify surface patterns that connect to larger frameworks. For example, for many people, deeper systemic issues often show up in food choices or conversation habits that may seem meaningless, but actually point to destructive thought cycles. Throughout our conversation, we'll practice consciously reframing your thought patterns, manifesting new belief systems, and embracing tools that will empower you to shape new choices and mindful actions.

To create the space for these shifts to sink into your subconscious, we'll follow this guided coaching with energy healing, which facilitates healing and moves stagnant energy.

For my Manhattan-based local clients, my energy work incorporates traditional Reiki-based energy movement, but also provides an immersive, full-sensory experience that embraces other healing rituals. I’ll use gentle touch, crystals, incense, energetic breathwork, sacred music, and aromatherapy oils to create a dream-like experience. My clients compare my energy practice to a soul-bath or a spirit-massage. You’ll experience renewed peace, deep relaxation, and a safe space for healing and transformation.

For my virtual clients, during this portion of our session, we'll still work with Reiki healing, as this powerful energy work defies time and space. And, instead of using touch or scent to elevate the healing, we'll practice guided Kundalini meditation, deep breathwork, and guided visualization. These practices will seal in the new lessons from our coaching work, sending them deep into your subconscious, and give you transformational tools to access and implement in your daily life.





embrace new patterns & commit to creating lasting change




After your first Exploration Session with me, you may have realized that it’s time to embrace further healing, expansion, and growth. You’re ready to reframe your blocks, move stagnant energy from your life, and welcome in new realities—and to create these results, you need to show up for yourself. Because the Universe responds to commitment.

So, I invite my Exploration clients to invest in a session package and commit to showing up, moving through resistance, and receiving powerful support on your journey towards lasting transformation. When you make this commitment to yourself, it takes the resistance out of choosing healing for yourself, week after week. And consistent commitment is the true key to change.

During each session, we’ll begin with a guided conversation to uncover your limiting beliefs, identify crippling mental blocks, and address the patterns that are keeping you from living into your true capacity for success.

Over the course of our time together, we’ll focus on practical tools, conscious reframing, and intentional action that opens you up to holistic growth, embodied transformation, and spiritual well-being. And in between sessions, I’ll provide personalized email support, daily lifestyle practices, and gentle homework that will help you take inspired action towards healing and change.

Just remember: this is never about strict homework or rigid formulas. Our partnership is designed to meet your individual needs with intuitive, sensitive guidance...because true change is an inside job.

If you choose the extended 85-minute option, we’ll follow our coaching conversation with transformative energy work. I’ll use an immersive, therapeutic blend of Reiki energy movement, crystal healing, aromatherapy, soft touch, guided Kundalini meditations, and breathwork to move your stagnant, blocked energy and facilitate healing. This powerful work will bring you to a place of peace, love, and relaxation, opening up your subconscious and empowering you to fully step into the change you're manifesting in your life.

This is for you if you’re ready to show up for yourself, ready to take radical responsibility for your future, and ready to commit to lasting change. You have the power to create change alone, but partnership will get you there further and faster. I’m here for you.



" prepared for your perspectives to shift in the blink of an eye..."

Talking to Jamie is like putting on a pair of glasses - everything moves into focus and suddenly you see a little more clearly. If you have the opportunity to talk to Jamie about whatever it is that you're hung up on in life, then be prepared for your perspectives to shift in a blink of an eye. And it literally feels as easy as that. Jamie is a resource that is richly steeped in knowledge, research, experience, hilarity, and warmth.  She's so quick to comprehend your "stuff" and deliver solutions- I think that is really her super hero power in this life. 

Jamie Salazar - celebrity stylist

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My practice is based on years of experience, training, and personal healing. After my own wellness journey, I wanted to bring nutrition and health to the people in my life. This led to me opening Gingersnap’s Organic, a holistic cleanse cafe that served the people of Manhattan.

However, while running the cafe, I yearned to go deeper with my customers. I loved making clean and delicious food available to the community, but I wanted to do more.

You see, food may be where wellness begins, but true health involves so much more. As humans, we’re “fed” in a thousand ways: through the people we spend time with, the products we use, the entertainment we consume, and, of course, the endless cycle of thoughts that run through our head. And true wellness incorporates all of those aspects of life.

This truth became most clear to me during my personal battle with anxiety. Although my diet was clean as could be, my toxic thoughts were destroying my mind, my body, and my relationships.

My long journey of healing has brought me to where I am today—helping others find wholeness in their relationships, their careers, their bodies, and their minds.

You can read more about me, HERE



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"...all the stress and tension had been lifted from my body..."

When I walked into my session with Jamie, I was really on edge - stressing out, having a tough day and couldn't seem to calm down. After spending just a few minutes in the peaceful, safe environment Jamie created, I felt my nervous system begin to relax. By the end of the reiki session, it felt like all the stress and tension had been lifted from my body. I was so impressed by the calm and ease I felt walking out of that room. I can't wait to go back for another session.

Jenny Sansouci - publisher of Healthy Crust



If you're not sure which type of session or package will serve you best, please reach out using the form below. I'm happy to work with all of my clients to meet their unique personal needs - no two stories are the same.