Does life seem like too much to handle sometimes?

Are you feeling stressed out, alone, or just feel like there's way too much on your plate...and not enough time to do it all?

Would you like to be able to relax...take a deep breath...let all of your fears and anxieties slip away...and tap into your most powerful and peaceful self?


I’m here to help. If you’ll take my hand, I’ll show you the way through.

If you feel like you aren’t you aren’t enough...or like you can’t handle what tomorrow or next week will bring…

If your throat feels tight, your stomach uneasy, and your entire world heavy…

If you feel like no one in your life will truly hear you, hold you and help you heal...

Then you’re in the right place.

I use energy therapy and custom-to-you coaching to gently and powerfully guide you through this difficult moment in your life.

To me, you’re not “just another client”. You won’t leave our session feeling like you weren’t truly heard - I promise.

With me, no two coaching or energy sessions are the same - each one is different based on what you’re feeling in the moment and on what you need right now.

But this isn’t guesswork - you’ll get the same effective strategies I’ve used time and time again to help you unlock your big breakthrough and achieve the lasting, loving change you need.


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This isn’t about formulas, blueprints or checklists - your journey is about finding YOUR unique path towards the best possible of YOU that there exists.

During our time together, we’ll shift your thought patterns…

...release the negative and self-created narratives that are holding you back from all that you want…

...and reprogram harmful, self-sabotaging habits into positive, intentional choices that propel you into a brighter future.

The type of deep, healing work I do isn’t focused on quick tricks or temporary tactics - it’s all about clearing and reframing your subconscious that you can create lasting change from the inside out.

I’ll empower you to heal from deep-seated negativity and inner emotional scarring, move towards your most meaningful goals with a fresh and uplifting perspective, and create the life that you dream of.

And the best part?

You already have that power within you. I’m just unlocking your access to it.


This is perfect for you if…

  • You want to radically improve a key area of your life (be it emotional, physical, mental, relational, or spiritual) and need the guidance to make sure you’re on the best possible track

  • You’re ready to claim a new story and live in a new personal narrative (one that fills you with the energy and confidence to reach out, firmly grab your goals, and make them reality)

  • You’re at a feel frozen in place...or you feel like SOMETHING is holding you back from seizing a massive opportunity to change (whether it’s a relationship, career, or dramatic lifestyle change)

  • You’re in a difficult spot that no one around you seems to understand... and you’re seeking a safe, supportive and judgment-free place to be heard, held, and healed

  • You’re ready to scrub off the fear, doubt and anxiety from your life...and throw it in the trash for good.

  • You don’t just want intuitive guidance and loving empowerment...but practical tools and proven techniques to make a big shift in your life and start feeling better NOW.

  • You’re questioning your career path or aren’t sure you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing

  • You’re ready to make a transformation and make the leap from who you are to who you’re truly MEANT to be

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Exploration Session

Explore + open up to change in this first time breakthrough session


During this personalized session we’ll open up space to explore your current challenges and your desired habit shifts.

You are free to bring any type of block to this conversation. We can work on:

  • Relationship Troubles

  • Family Issues

  • Diet Struggles or Challenges

  • Career Difficulties

  • Or anything else that is filling your day with the kind of worry, stress, or anxiety that doesn’t need to be there.

I’ll help you identify underlooked patterns that seem harmless on the surface but are actually symptoms of a bigger (often unknown) problem...and then connect to larger energy and spiritual frameworks that help you resolve the root issues behind them.


For My Manhattan-Based Local Clients

My energy work incorporates traditional Reiki-based energy movement, but also provides an immersive, full-sensory experience that embraces other healing rituals.

I’ll use gentle touch, crystals, incense, energetic breathwork, sacred music, and aromatherapy oils to create a dream-like experience.

My clients often compare my energy practice to a soul-bath or a spirit-massage - because I focus on removing the emotional gunk and negative buildup in order to leave only clean, peaceful energy inside of you.

You’ll experience renewed peace, deep relaxation, a judgement-free space for healing and transformation, and a deeper understanding of what exactly is holding you back or causing you needless turmoil.

For My Virtual Clients

During this portion of our session, we’ll still work with Reiki healing, as this powerful energy defies time and space (and powerfully plucks and expels your inner negativity to leave you feeling happy and light).

And, instead of using touch or scent, we’ll practice guided Kundalini Meditation, Deep Breathwork, and Guided Visualization to subconsciously rewire your inner patterns and actions and elevate the healing power of our session together.

These practices will seal in the new lessons from our coaching work, ingrain them deep into your subconscious, and let you walk away with practical, transformational tools to access and implement in your daily life.



Follow-Up Packages

embrace new patterns & commit to creating lasting change


The biggest question I get from clients after our first exploration session is:

"That was amazing! How can we turn everything we did into my new "default" way of being?"

The answer?

More practice and reinforcement of deep subconscious shifts and therapeutic techniques.

This is exactly what my follow-up packages give you - after we’ve identified your key issues and put practices into place to reverse them, we’ll drive things home by completely flushing out the harmful 'poison-like' energy within you and further cementing the new you into place.

After our exploratory session you’ll likely be ready to reframe your blocks, move stagnant energy from your life, and welcome in new and empowering realities - and to create these results, you need to show up for yourself.


Because the universe watches and responds to your level of action and commitment.

When you make this commitment to yourself, it takes the resistance out of choosing healing for yourself, day after day.

The healing process becomes effortless - like a one-way trip from where you are now to the new, determined you.

Because consistent commitment is the true key to change. And with this package, you’ll unlock the door to peace, love and fulfillment...and be able to step through once and for all.

So I invite you to invest in a session package and commit to showing up, moving through resistance, and receiving powerful support on your journey towards lasting transformation.

During each session, we’ll begin with guided conversation to uncover your limiting beliefs, identify crippling mental blocks, and address the patterns that are keeping you from living your life the way you were MEANT to.

Over the course of our time together, we’ll focus on practical tools, conscious reframing, and intentional action that opens you up to holistic growth, embodied transformation, and spiritual well-being.

You’ll get a natural, yet powerful course correction that puts you on the right track to a dramatically improved day-to-day experience.

And in between sessions, I’ll provide you personalized email support, daily lifestyle practices, and gentle yet effective assignments that will help you take inspired action towards healing and change and ingrain my treatments deep into your mind and body.

Just remember: this is never about strict homework or rigid formulas.

Our partnership is designed to meet your individual needs with intuitive, sensitive guidance...because true change is an inside job.

This powerful work will bring you to a place of peace, love, and relaxation, opening up your subconscious mind and empowering you to fully step into the change you’re manifesting in your life.

This is for you if you’re ready to show up for yourself, ready to take radical responsibility for your future, and ready to commit to lasting change.

The power to create dramatic change is already inside you. If you’ll take my hand, I’ll help you tame it, control it, and use it to propel you on the best possible path forward



If you're not sure which type of session or package will serve you best, please reach out using the form below and I’ll gladly answer all your questions.

I'm happy to work with you to meet your unique personal needs - because no two stories are the same.


*all purchases are non refundable. Changes to appointments must be made minimum of 48 hours before scheduled appointment.